Not looking anymore

No longer looking for members as I don’t recruit anymore


hi i am on lvl 80.but looking 4 a very strong very activ player.

Unless you can hit level 200-300 players regularly in PvP, perhaps a platinum team might be a better fit until you grow larger :slight_smile:


thats what i do ehit back up ofcourse.but thx

For 126 view sure haven’t seen many responses :man_shrugging::rofl::rofl: don’t be shy I don’t bite

While teams really love to help their players out to grow, backing 100% of event runs just so you can participate may be a bit much for most.

As a L80, i’d try lower to mid platinum leagues (P4-P3) on a team that HAS Atlas so you can start your gear on an upward trend and get accustomed to more competitive leagues.


thx i know.and i understand what you tell just the problem so much team and just the lies they offer.but thx😁

Bumpity bump still have a few spots open! Feel free to ask anything

Hi Sonic,

I’m looking. Ideally for a team that has good world time zones coverage with active officers. My time zone is UTC+4 and I usually play about a couple of hours a day if not more. I’m very active in both, the regular game as well as atlas with a top 10 finish in events. Ready to breed obsidian this coming event if I find a good home in time. I never miss wars and am a pretty handy defender. I’m really looking for a team with a good global spread and officers that cover all time zones.

That’s it really. Let me know. Thanks✌🏽

:+1::+1: good to see you in bud. Look forward to flying with you!

Bumpity bump still looking for another player or 2 feel free to ask any questions

Lvl 208 emerald dragons very active. Never miss war and always participate in events.

Still got a few spots also I messaged you in forum a few days ago blackput

Sorry found a home

All good. Any other takers?

@moderators please close this thread I’m no longer recruiting.

Closed on request of OP