Not Rainbow stones, but Evolution Runes, and why we should think about them

I recently made a blog. Some of you may or may not have seen it making the rounds, probably only a fraction of you actually read it. Because my posts are long and dry, hah.

More importantly, I’d like to argue in favour of a rainbow-stones equivalent, in the honour of all the threads closed before today. I really hope the mods actually make an exception for this thread, if only to discuss how sometimes the things we want aren’t the things we get, and how we should adapt our responses to that.

PG employees have previously changed their minds on issues; we know this as true. We just need to figure out how to convince them that it’s a necessary change. Maybe you’ll close this post anyway, but…well. I’d have already gotten my opinion out.

The following is a long idea-post, but I really appreciate any comments, improvements and opinions on it. Feel free to reach out on my blog itself, too.


Did…you actually read my post, though? Impressive reading speed, sir!

Shit was just half way through that :eyes::joy:

Solves some of the issues but also makes the concept even less useful. All this will do is extend the life of recent divines by a few season at most. It won’t allow people to use their Necryx again, because it won’t have the rune slots, so it will just allow overpowered older dragons like Gig to fester even longer. Add to that the significant development effort this would involve, and I see little merit in this variant of the rainbow stones.


no lol thats why i deleted but read after lol

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Er, I wasn’t around for Necryx season. Does Necryx not have rune slots? I don’t feel like that dragon would do well in the modern base meta anyway, though.

Another point I’d like to make is that this

Is kind of the point. Evolution runes aren’t intended to be a true replacement for newer dragons. It’s more like ‘these newer dragons aren’t my thing, I’d rather sacrifice them to continue using my older dragon until something better comes along.’ If someone could use a dragon forever, I’d call PG dragon designs and base metas staid. That’s not the intention of my suggestion.

I kinda responded to this point under #2 of ‘How evolution runes help’

The tl;dr is that Gig should be fixed, as it should have been within it’s season itself. On the other hand, actual good dragons like Narlyth and…maybe Noctarn? Could last a bit longer. Also, eternally evolved dragons would have…one less rune slot, the effect which you might not notice. But against a comparable, true max-tier dragon, hopefully we’ll be able to see a difference. If not, the rune could be adjusted for that? Maybe a debuff or something.

Most improvements to this game will require significant effort. I believe asking PG to design more viable dragons will be a significant effort, too, given how many terrible dragons they’ve given us in each tier release/ seasonal update. Also, it’s…basically just adding extra evolution stones, but in a rune format. No need to program new spells or design a whole new 3D model for a dragon.

Anything worth it will have a price. If you ask for nothing, you’ll get nothing.

Personally, I am against anything that could bring old dragons back to life. Seasons exist in the game, and it wouldn’t make sense to use the same dragons for over a year. Also with the passing of the seasons the need for new spells for dragons increases, because the base changes. Adding rainbow stones would block the advance of the season, the players could start thinking "okay but I have my beloved Gig / Noctarm etc … why should I spend money or push in events for another dragon? There are so many rainbow stones ”. So for me, the rainbow stones would block the progress of the game, both at the individual player level and at the economic level. The latter is probably the real reason why they will never allow such proposals to be implemented.

The game must have a balance on everything, I wouldn’t be happy at all if Naja was still around after a year. It would be really repetitive.


Fair enough. But in my opinion, that should be a personal decision, not a decision the game makes for you.

I’d personally say that it goes both ways. Though you may note that you’re supporting my point here; if the need for new spells for dragons increases, why would people still choose to use old dragons? I believe that people should make choices to ditch older, worse dragons for newer, better dragons themselves. It’s PG’s responsibility to make newer dragons more attractive to use than older ones.

Would you use Neptus over Naja, for instance? This already happens. Dragon metas and base metas have moved on since then, as PG has been doing their job.

In #2 of the last section of my post, I detail exactly how to avoid this conundrum. Essentially, you’d need to spend money and get stones for new dragons to be able to transform those into a rune that would keep your Noctarn/Gig relevant. This keeps money flowing in to PG.

Or we’d just see a lot of different dragons flying on different bases, instead of just Gigs the whole damn season. Perspective!

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Plenty of players do this already. Breeding Sapphire they get a current mythic and that stone won’t be used for many years, much less just one.

I would prefer they just give us a way to delete old dragons we don’t use anymore.

glances at Hyaku


This suggestion kinda does that, though.

To be honest, I only read the subject. :eyes:

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Go read it, I made it exciting for you. It’ll kill your Hyaku. :eyes:

Ok Ill check it out. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, I like the idea of turning my dragons into a rune, but I don’t really agree with any of your points. None of what you said seems to take riders or gear into consideration. My most flown dragon right now is a linage legendary, even though I have 3 seasonal mythics. He has better gear and is more fun to fly.

Lmao overpowered Gig, he never was Op.

Because, well, I don’t need to? Should I?

Actually, if you can fly a dragon past it’s original tier, wouldn’t you be able to just keep the same rider and gear on it?

When I say that mythics are better than legendaries, I mean that they’re better by spellset. You’ll notice that most mythics have no blue spells meant to be timed in battle and generally have lower skill ceilings and higher attack potentials than most legendaries. There are exceptions, of course, but you’ll still notice them having blue spells, which are harder to use. (Kullecid, Morak, Fomhar, etc.). On the other hand you’ll have dragons like Namaka, Gig, and Naja, which all have no blue spells and with spell sets that honestly feel like a set of I-win buttons.

I mean, yeah, sure, that’s your personal preference. I prefer Morak over Namaka too, honestly. He’s more fun to fly and imo has better spell synergy. I’m pretty reluctant to strip off his gear for Naja. If I could, I would definitely put an evolving rune on him. Do you mean that you disagree with my rationale for needing the solution, and not my solution itself? Because otherwise I’m afraid I’m a bit lost as to what you mean.

…it’s a badly designed dragon that requires little to no skill to fly and tears through most bases with under 10 towers easily, by design. By that measure, it’s OP. But you’re entitled to your opinion.


Left Hyaku at gold tier. Rocks TR!

Yes, that’s probably what I mean. I dunno. Its Friday afternoon. I don’t care about much at this point. :rofl:

I abandoned him at Emerald. I prefer stormheim for TR in that tier though.