Not receiving event prizes

Every single team event i participate in, i never get the team prize. Im missing out on all the rewards. Im over it. I cannot recall how many i have missed out on and noone will answer my emails…

You mean the event prize for team rank after the event ends? It comes via the store/quest button. It is the same place you get rewards from teammates buying packs. It usually has a little flashing “Event Reward” banner beside the quest button. (Bottom right of screen)

I have missed some in the past by just clicking through the rewards but you should still have the animation of the chest opening.

If you really never received any team prizes I wonder why you didn’t speak up in forums earlier. I’m sure @PGJared could have accelerated things to solve your problem if it was so recurrent. Did you contact support? Do you have any ticket number for your issue?

Also be aware that it can take a few hours for the prize to appear ingame. How long, in weeks or months, have you been encountering this issue?

it is more like is he receiving a value pack bonuses?

If yes, then he should claim it until it reaches the team event reward. There was one player that I heard from my friend that a player didn’t know about the team event reward. He claimed it for 2 hours going from winter 2016 until summer 2017 together with value pack bonuses. that player thought that you need to buy a value pack if you want to claim that value pack bonus.

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I didn’t see anybody patronizing or talking down to you at all. Obviously you know everything so no reason for anybody to try and help.


I read you comments a quit condescending. I never said i knew everything.

Well, that is debatable. Since the topic is that you aren’t claiming them - it is different mechanic from claiming personal prizes and final team reward - aka its not via the tab system

The simple steps to see if its indeed bugged or user error

  • Are you in a team?
  • Have you changed teams recently (during events)
  • Do you receive gold chest bonuses when other team members buy chests?
  • Do you collect them when you receive them, or have you simply not claimed them?
  • Do you get the popups like posted in the images above, or do they not arrive

All of the above will actually help people help you.


You can reply with “Don’t treat me like a newbie” after having 8 mins read time on forum, and well people will treat you like a newbie.

Your choice

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I never meant to offend you, I was merely completing @FlashingRed explanation with visual support. Did you read what @Kenshiki wrote? If it happened to one player it could happen to others. So don’t take it personally just because it’s your thread, we are also writing and thinking about future players who could wonder how to claim Team prizes and find answers in your thread. Besides we are not able to see your ingame level or how long you played so we can only guess so much from what information you provide us. (And your forum read time).

Meanwhile you didn’t provide any information useful for any employee to help you. For how long in weeks or months have you been encountering this problem? It’s possible that your support emails are sent to the wrong “support” (it was recently changed and the new one is still adjusting to the change) and it happened to players before and this email problem has been solved or at least put on the right track by @PGJared.

@PGEggToken tagging you just in case you can do something. Thank you for your involvement in forum I hope you are not too overwhelmed with work.

Thankyou for more information. Yes i am in a team.after every event, i wait for team event prizes. And when they dont arrive i check with my team. At first I thought that maybe i wasnt receiving them due to not being on when they were allocated.but according to my leader. Its not that.
I am new to forum and i do apologize for my behavior.
I have been playing in this team for at least 3 months. I followed my leader from another team. And in that time i have only received a couple of rewards. I may only be a low level but i have been playing for at least 12 months.
all i have in my chest is a gift from a teammate and when i click on it nothing happens. There are the packs i can buy and thats it. Nothing at the end either. I hope thats better


Im not very good with time frames but i hope what i have said is better.

Hmm, ok that is plenty information.

So if you see this screen:

Nothing happens if you click the “Claim” button? (green bottom left)

When i click on the button it show the pack and says reciprocate gift. Then comes back to the same screen. Packs and prizes.

Sounds like you’re claiming them no problems then? Or do you mean team prizes don’t show up as a claim at all?

That is what happens. It’s more than a bit confusing, but basically you have to keep claiming those bonusses one by one until the team rewards start showing. “Reciprocate” pretty much just does “Return to store” as far as I can tell.

Might take a few hundred clicks if there’s a year’s worth of team shopping in there. Just keep hitting claim -> reciprocate -> claim -> reciprocate until there’s nothing left to claim.

Yep just keep on clicking. Sadly your last seasons rewards will be pretty unless. But lots of other goodies at least

Click claim-x-claim-ok etc

See video:

Team prizes dont show up to claim at all.

@xxxChellexxx I don’t think you have understood the people here trying to help.

Event prizes will be hidden under team prizes at this point. Do you still have a chest that says “A bonus from a teammate”? If you do then you are not done yet. Keep claiming teammate prizes until that chest disappears from the store. Once it is gone and you have gotten zero event rewards then we know there is a problem.

I am guessing that after 5 or 6 teammate prizes it will suddenly give you an event prize. Watch the video @Gox1201 posted, there are many teammate prizes before the event prizes.

Let us know if this works after you have claimed them all. :blush::blush:


keep on claiming the value pack bonuses until that chest is gone.

Give us an update by uploading a screenshot of your store again so that we can see.

as what we have said, due to many value pack purchases on your team, you obtained a lot of value pack bonuses.

with that many value pack bonuses, you can get something like 2k~8k if you haven’t claimed them at least once since playing the game (depending on your team’s spending)

Yes i have understood. Thankyou for your help. This is and has been the problem. Im sorry for my poor attitude. I appreciate that you all have helped me. I now have alot of clicking to do lol. As im figuring out, my teammates are big spenders😕.

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your welcome.

I’m just feeling a bit sad for you since all those season sigil rewards are lost.

On the plus side, its going to feel like christmas has come early