Not receiving glory (sync error)

Hello. I am not getting glory for my attacks. It will show me receiving the glory post combat, but everytime i try to level up my riders i get a sync error and the glory goes away once the game reboots. Please help. Ive lost out on thousands and thousands of glory, my battle history proves this




That amount of time has been reached.

Losing all troops, gaining no glory. Effects all my riders… help

Before the land release was a cool time

I also had the same issue. I recieve 2.8k worth of glory points. I hit train and i got an out of sync error. The game restarted then i checked my rider. The amount of glory points went back to 0.

@PGEggToken @PGDave

I just wanted to know quickly: attacking in Atlas (castle guards) did give me Glory Points but it DID NOT give my rider any XP. Is that intended?

@PGEggToken @PGDave This is happening to me too, causing me to miss thousands of glory points on my defensive rider. Those points would go to reduced building times, so I am also wasting speed ups as I participate in the fortification event. Support ans crwdited me with small amounts of glory twice but not even close for the full amount I am missing. See ticket #1135025. This is extremely frustrating.

I remember the lovely small Beta Map, that was a cool time after they introduced slightly faster travel :smile:

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Glory was counting yesterday for myself… but today it is all missing… and not gaining any more… @PGJared is this something that will be fixed and then adjusted or do i need to send in a ticket?

I dont mind sending in a ticket but we both know i will just get a candid “we are aware of the issue…” message or a generic “do this, do that, did that work? If these do not pertain to you issue write in again”… I’ll avoid the whole process if i can.

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I have witnessed this exact issue as well.

I got an actual response on this. The person assisting me was going to go through the logs. It happened again and i have a thread with screen shots showing it happening to my dragon rider in general discussion. Follow up to screenshots was not as promising.

A day in the life of my dragon rider…

Crash on upgrade lose xp. Succesful upgrade. Loss of xp with no action.

same, just went through a battle and my primarks got glory, but my perch rider never got glory for defence on my rusher.

and i must say i am getting really sick and tired of having to take so many screen shots of mistakes that are constantly happening to prove my case. atlas is a steaming pile of shite you guys are trying to polish and sell as a diamond.

Same tho I was suppose to lvl my rider but the glory is missing :frowning_face:
My rider needs help :smile:

@PGJared Can you please answer my question? do i need to open a ticket or is this something your team is aware of and will do a retroactive fix? I dont want to open a ticket unless absolutely necessary as i find dealing with support to be a incredibly frustrating and they are already ignoring a separate thread i have open with them.


@PGJared At first support was crediting my rider with the missed glory. Now they just say it is a “known issue” and they will let me know when it is resolved. I’m sorry, but that is not good enough. I am now missing tens of thousands of glory points on my defensive rider. I spent more speedups than I needed too because I could not unlock all of the levels of the build time reduction skill. The continued silence regarding this issue is very frustrating.


Upping the original, so people could read what is known so far, before creating new topics

Strange thing is, that atlas season chests recognize the glory, i opened and used them, seems to work fine

But somehow the rider gp still disappears, and probably primarch gp too, but i dont track, cuz its 3-4 levels worth

May be PG switched up some accounting,

to where gp it redirected/applied to chests only, but not to riders

I wonder about the affected players (all players?) in this thread - can you still open atlas sigils etc?

I was able to progress in the event but I was not really paying attention closely enough to see if that was accurate.

Absolutely no response? I have the same issue, sent in a ticket, got an initial response, now nothing for days.