Not sure whether to laugh or cry

So… 17 days into this one ticket, 8 different “support” members have responded, and I am now further from the problem being solved today than I was 17days ago. How is that possible, you might ask… Because the latest response is support wanting to close my ticket bc they think my problem has to do with the last event. Tell me… How exactly can my problem be mistaken for issues in the last event, when the ticket started 17 days ago!!! Any help from any PG person with the capability of reading what’s already been discussed in my ticket, and then actually helping me would be GREATLY appreciated!

Let me tell you, none of this shows when you read through my ticket. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with support, and that is saying a lot. It seems to be getting worse not improving.

I wish I could display the entire ticket here, bc honestly some of the responses are quite comical. However, here is a SS of the latest…

FYI… This is an issue on my alt, not this account.


It means go away. That’s what they are saying but you maybe can’t read. Six different people including bots hate you and me also so I understand their lingo. Just kidding, I have had the same thing happened to me also. I’m sorry this is happening to you. I’m just trying to be funny cause I’m not happy either with my own lag issues. But at least they didn’t tell you to reinstall the game :joy: but no one is going to respond right now cause their offices are closed till at least tomorrow at least we can have fun on the forums and laugh and cry together :joy:

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they should really fire all support agents who do not do their jobs properly.

personally, the reason wd team isn’t firing unwilling support agents is probably b/c they know that the most of wd team is gonna get fired too if they let the company fire its incompetent employees. :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:


Add a ticket number and you might have some luck with getting it looked at Galileo or Jared.

Frequently when dealing with customer support, I am reminded of the WC Fields line in one of his movies - “Go away kid, your bothering me”. That’s the sentiment that is usually expressed (but not in those words) when submitting a ticket that cannot be easily addressed by CS. PGGalileo keeps telling us to submit tickets for issues, but they are almost always an additional source of aggravation since the problem is never fixed. An occasional apology admitting PG’s error might go a long way, but that would require PG to admit that an issue exists rather than deflecting the blame elsewhere.


Heya Penguin, thanks for highlighting this. I’m making sure our Head of Support sees this. That is a lot of back and forth.


@PGGalileo, it would be notable if Penguin’s experience were the exception to the rule. But it is very unfortunate that it is not. The only thing exceptional about her experience is that she pursued it for so long. Most of us give up in disgust these days after a few attempts to get a coherent answer out of Support. I honestly don’t know which department at PG is more dis-functional, Customer Support or the group that is supposed to be fixing bugs and glitches but never seems to get anything actually fixed. Neither one seems to be able to do their job.


Unfortunately par for the course.

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Oh, they did. A few times. The last time they gave me step-by-step instructions on how to log out of my PG ID, uninstall app, reinstall app, then log back in… because you know, I was doing it wrong all the other times I tried that :roll_eyes::joy:


I really appreciate it Gal. I DM’ed you the ticket number already, but if you need me to send it again, please let me know.

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