Not Surprising, what a disappointing season

This is looking as all around atrocious as members of the Creators Faction were saying after they got back from San Fran. Just awful.

Terrible dragons. Shit. They even changed a name of a spell (talon frenzy) so that havok runes (which most of us have 4,567,785,432,108 of them) won’t work. They put runes in instead of glyphs. And the glyphs in the event prizes are awful. Thanks. Thanks so much for that, PG.

Maybe, just maybe if some of your team could play competitively, that’s understand how awful your attempts at a solid product are. It’s laughable. Expect a full season, multi channel trolling.






It’s coming. Winter (trolling) is coming.


Oh and let’s not forget that there is only one side branch. Thanks for the slap in the face. Thanks so much.

What are you on about? There are still 2 riders and 2 dragons to be released. And to take a dragon to the end of the line is actually cheaper than last season. Getting the token boost doesn’t tie you to a specific dragon, thus costing less.

Yes, the dragons, so far, are lackluster. They all can’t be studs…


And? They cost less but you get less value or less use. So… they’re rather shitty so they literally should cost less.

The artwork is subpar at best. I mean it’s a rather childish, less polished feel.

Again, they’re stacking runes on the line the whole way instead of even one glyph a Line.

They literally changed havok to call it talon frenzy so that we can’t use the runes or glyphs we already have.

They’re bad dragons.

Only one side branch line is pretty shitty. Those have decent value when the dragons are awful.

The season user interface is god awful to look at.

I mean we can keep going.

So don’t get them? :woman_shrugging:t2:


There is useful criticism and then there is whining…


Correct me if I am wrong, but Talon Frenzy is an improved Havok. Also, I personally think the artwork is good. These are coliseum dragons. Can’t expect massive dragons to be coliseum fighters. And the season UI is a massive improvement, I think. I hated scrolling through a massive list of branches. Now, it is neatly nestled in sections!


What are all of you complaining about? They can’t continue to release season dragons that are better than the previous season. That’s unsustainable. The hunter looks fine to me. Kinda boring but still a decent dragon. And I’m sure low levels will find a use for the Sorc or the hunter. Besides we haven’t seen them all yet. If you hate them that badly get a rider when they are released. They are always useful.


They could have cut back on the ice/fire shards😅


And replaced them with enough rune dust to level the runes.


Oh god no…


Why is Leo’s abilities say fire tower and dark flak resist but shows canon resist on the icons

In reality, the interface is not evil, indeed as mentioned above organizes the sections of the season better. I hope instead in a change of the new spell of the hunter from blue to white, at least so it would acquire interest. The sorcerer with Extract Essence is absolutely useless imho.

Why? I agree but it is not related to EE

We should get runes , not glyps. That sucks. Events still give useless runes.

What do you mean? We already get too many runes… We actually need glyphes, there’s 3 slots for them compared to 2 for runes…

Arguably there should be 3 slots for runes that are so common (even shitty ones) and 2 slots for glyphes that are so few to come by (especially good/related ones…)


I agree with @Kardul. And the OP is just whining…

I don;t know where I heard this, but it is definitely true:

"Pleasing everyone is impossible, while pissing everyone off is a piece of cake" or something like that. I must admit, I am happy that I can go for the ET boost as I don’t fancy any of the primary dragons either.

Did you just say 2 riders ? :star_struck:
Please correct me if there is only one rider

Only 200k rune dust in an entire branch? How exactly are people supposed to level mythic runes?

Edit 300k rune dust. Still ridiculous

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Be careful what you wish for… eventually you’ll have more dust than you know what to do with… I’m glad there is little dust.

As for you, dust your stored runes or runes on old dragons if you need to.