Note to PG on continued poor service


Your customer servise continues to be a complete joke. Throw all the launch parties you want but really just continue blowing off your customers with poor servise and silence. It’s too bad too because your artistic people and game theory people do a very good job.


Did you have a particular experience that you found lacking? I’d be happy to look into it.


if you dont tag @PGEggToken or @PGJared, and state what’s the reason, no one can help you.

Edit: While typing this, Jared already responded


I do @PGJared with just about every experience with support I’ve ever had


I’m online doing the AMA and resolving some tickets, so I happened to be snappy this one time. Good looking out though!


Currently non response on a ticket, we where all told here that we would have team quest’s, I didn’t intend to breed anything until this new feature was supposed to roll out so I spent 23.5k tokens on a dragon that I will never use just to put points in the board for the team quest’s…

Can I have my tokens back?

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Ticket number?


Ticket #448107


I don’t mean to be rude here, but you’re escalating to the PX manager over non-response on a ticket that’s 3 hours old? That’s not exactly a support failure here, but instead standard turnaround times. One of our agents will grab this ticket very soon and assist you.

That said, I’m not aware of a specific promised date for Team Quests, but if I can find one and we failed to deliver on that we’d certainly need to look into crediting for this.


@PGJared - She can’t find the ticket number it seems. I believe she is having progress disappear.


I will admit I did jump the gun on escalation, but you’re here and I’ve had to every ticket I’ve had escalated to get anything done (even though that something is usually nothing)

In the original notes on the release last week on this very forum it said we would have this new feature in this weeks breeding event, now it says 1-2 weeks I suppose I should start screen shot in everything, just to be told by support I should delete them in trouble shooting…

Anyway, thanks for giving a quick response, you rock as always


Hey, if we said that I can check the edit history. Just so I don’t have to dig around can you link me the post?


I think that’s how it works? I’m new to discord, if not it’s the offical announcement


Found it! Ticket is 447938. This is another case of jumping the gun, as the ticket is only 4 hours old. We always take a small reply hit at the start of an event, but someone will be with you on that ticket soon.

Just so folks know, we sit at about 2hrs for first reply. I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but that’s really fast for this industry. Please have a little patience if you fall outside that window. If your ticket hits 24 hours and no one responds to you then come on here and let me know and I will sort it out.


I know I know - I think she’s super bummed because she’s been looking forward to this moment for months


Jumping the gun. Right. No”we got your ticket and will look i to it” i sent you what happened…


You didn’t get a ticket acknowledgement message? Weird. I’ll look into that.


Nope no ticket acknowledgement. X2


Sorry about that! I found the offending bug and squashed it. That should fix it for everyone else going forward.


@PGJared here is the screen shot where the forum stated 11/22 is the start of the team quests.