Note to self ... πŸ“œ


Send an invitation to every person who sends me an invitation from now on. :sunglasses:


Smart XD


What do you do if they send an invite back?


Apparently start an invite war :laughing:


At least until one goes over the mail limit. I forget, is the limit still 200, or was that changed again?


Note to self: never fall for Sam’s ploys of trying to lure me into inviting them to my team :eyes:


(Scribble in this topic)
(Make a note by sending pm to myself)


Aha, the dreaded revenge invite… :rofl:


Inbox limit appears to be 10k.


The system won’t let them send another invite since there is one already active for me for 2 days. :grin:


How’d you know my evil plan? :eyes:


Accept their invite, send them 1M+ lumber, then bail.


Note to Forum, send @JustSuperman invitations during the next build event. :+1:t3:


I knew that was coming :wink:

I was TRYING to set YOU up for when I invite YOU next fort LOL

BTW - I have no resources, I don’t share, I don’t help on XP runs, and I frequently miss wars - no need to invite me, I am a terrible teammate.


Note to self, this guy is sneaky :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Nice bluff


Which one of ya’ll trolling me?!!! :rofl:


Yep, you want be with me? Come on over bud :rose: