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So does this mean I can just spam inner fires and quit the run with 0% and still get 3x points? @PGJared @PGCrisis @PGCoffee @PGSqurl @DragonPunch

If so it’s yet another wallet warrior mechanic. Can we please for God’s sake stop this crap?


I mean why the hell should I even bother to defend? Megas get 50% points at 0% defeated. Now you also add IF giving full points at 0%. This game might as well be called Quit Dragons. Everyone just start the run and quit. SMH :man_facepalming:

Is there a big ol UGH :expressionless: emoji? Or maybe blah … guess gotta stick with this one :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

Hey @Grumpybigbird, sorry for the confusion!! There’s been no changes to the way Inner Fires work!
We felt that Inner Fires weren’t explained very well in previous major events’ rules, so we tried to rephrase it a little…clearly we didn’t do a very good job though :disappointed_relieved:
We’ll work on drafting a better explanation, but just to be clear for now…there’s been no changes to Inner Fire :+1:


Just a small inconsequential note… your reply doesn’t not come up in read and yellow like the other PG replies/posts.
just an FYI

I’m pretty sure IFs just added the the “base point value” EARNED to the player’s final score from the run, not the full base point value of the target regardless of whether the base was defeated or not. Or am I mistaken?

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You might be i have failed a base before by .75 % (ticket for actual numbers grr i hated that) with 3 innerfire and i got all the IF points but only 26 or so base points

Crap you mean this mechanic has always existed? Cue the 0% runs now especially if time is a factor…:man_facepalming:

Quick rename or delete the thread so noone notices :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: In saying that i am always so close on my points management that it seems like a bad investment to get nothing but IF… just me though

Crap. I never through to test if inner fire behavior changes with less than 70%

Will have to try 3 and quit at 50% or
Something and see how it scores.

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Why 50%? Go all out and do 0%. That’s what I’m gonna do…

I’m more than happy to let the community know if this is a thing. The more people do it the more (hopefully) PG will change things as this is obviously not an intended mechanic.


PGSqurl stopped lurking!? :eyes::eyes:

Think of it this way:

Say a base would give 100 pts. An extra 100% makes it 200 points. Then you 0% complete that across all dragons, so you get (100+100)*0=0

So, what we’re trying to get at is that if you do the following:

Drag 1 (inner fire) 0% complete
Drag 2 (No IF) 70% complete
Drag 3 (No IF) 100% complete

You get 100% of the base value plus 100% for the inner fire. Each inner fire is a 100% bonus, up to a max of +500%

Just want to confirm what your saying.
in scenario
Drag 1 (IF) 0% Complete
Drag 2 (IF) 0% Complete
Drag 3 (IF) 0% Complete
Would equal out at (100+100+100)*0=0

So what Grumpy was worried/hopeful for is not how the mechanic will work.

Nothing to be worried over then :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Ok let’s close this. Please reword the explanation in the game though!


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The staff is here. No need to call the mods…

@Zalek86 Yeah, in that scenario you would receive 0 points. We’ll work to make the rules clearer :+1:

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If we still had TL3 I could close it myself but that’s an argument for another day… (@PGJared:wink:)

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