Noticing no auto protection on undefended base

In watching my replays in the slowest setting I watch dragons cut through my base and not a single supershot goes off. Is this a problem for anyone else?

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I believe the AI only assigns a supershot every 3 seconds. If they kill the base fastest enough with good rng, the base will get zero supershots off.

EDIT: Sidenote, sand will disable the supershot as well.

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My assumption is what @laserlight said. I see this on my base all the time it’s SO frustrating.

Thanks. Yeah equestor seems to be the new Darja with that crazy chain lightening. It is very frustrating

That’s exactly the dragon that pisses me off when there are no supershots :rofl: can just throw 3 thunderbolts at you :man_shrugging:

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Share a video of the replay pls

I think its just equestor. That chain lightening reaches far beyond any tower’s range of vision. My base doesn’t stand a chance to that.

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