Notification Management (just a suggestion)

Let’s hope this suggestion doesn’t break PG severs :eyes:
My suggestion is a small pop up window on the right side of screen, notifying you if you have a new message and/or were mentioned in Team Chat.

This is more of a convienence thing versus an absolute nerd but it can be frustrating having to go in and out of events to see if i have a new message from.a potential candidate for my team or to see if my members need my help. I usually tell me to @ me if they need me (this meaning @ my alt cause the notification will pop up on my tablets screen) while I’m playing my main account on my phone.

As an officer in my team I’m constantly sending messages to people to recruit them. But when I’m going in viewing teams within the game to find players i can’t tell if a potential recruit has messaged me back until I’ve closed out of the Team Meeting Hall where I view teams. Another thing is that when we go into the events, primarily PvP events, we have to continuously go in and out of the event to check messages or TC.

So maybe a small notification can pop up saying “new message received” or “you were mentioned” while you’re in game, with of course those pops ups disabled during base attacks.


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