Notification on invalid war attacks

Few players get invalid attacks when they attack enemy and get lesser flames and other team mate attacks them and gets full flames. In this case, the one who attacked earlier his attack gets invalid. They will not know until the team players intimate the user. Is there any possibilities from your end to trigger a force push notification as ur war attack was invalid. Do the war again. Because many times this type of attacks haplen and get un noticed when the team members are less.


I agree that there should be a notification. Right now it’s on the player and/or leadership to track and they’re human and can easily make mistakes.


Yes this is an advantage as well as disadvantage for both team who are in war. One gets benefited on this and other leave them. These kind of things system or app itself needs to take care.

To be honest, I think it is a player responsibility to check after a war attack, that your attack counted. It takes a few seconds to go into the war and check your status. :woman_shrugging:

just as you have a responsibility if you got less than 7 flames to check if someone had taken your target and gotten 7 flames later in the day - requiring you to do another war attack.


I don’t think it’s a negative to have a pop up let you know though. Sure at the moment people should check but why not just cut out a few button pushes.


This may be applicable to very active players. But i know a very few guys who do their war immediately when starts and they defending for the team. In this case few May forgot about that. Some they do not open app once the war is done. It will be helpful for those players.

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