“Notify Anyway” for Chat Mentions

As humans, we like our peace; we don’t like disturbance. That’s totally understandable; however, we often shut ourselves out from things that may be important to reach us. What this means in the real world and what this means in a cooperative, teamwork-based game are two totally different interpretations, though.

Within the past couple of months, Apple has come forth with a nifty little feature in iMessage that essentially allows the sender of the message to force the notification of the message through to the recipient if they have Do Not Disturb enabled.

I was thinking that maybe War Dragons could institute this same sort of mechanism, given how team members across the game miss so much essential information and updates from their teammates due to having notifications switched off. This would work both for individual mentions and for “@group” tags, as well as “@officer” tags and whatever other tags I may be forgetting that follow suit.

Some of these mentions are for the good of the team, while others are for the good of the individual player; with this Apple-inspired feature, there would be less trouble sending the message to a player or group of players that something urgent is happening and their presence is needed if they’re at all available.

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Well that’s only about 5 years behind on most other professional messaging platforms. Big difference of course being the key word “professional”.

Personally, I would hate for this to exist, I do not feel a need to be spammed with piles of group tags every time a round of anything starts, or a lost sniper appears anywhere near. Because you know, as anyone should know, people are going to hit that “notify anyway” button each and every time it pops up.

If you want people to turn off mute, stop tagging them with crap, don’t go look for technical measures to force them to hear that crap anyway. People will just start uninstalling instead.


Agreed. What one person thinks is important may not be to someone else. People have notifcations turned off for a reason. There is nothing in this game that’s important enough to justify a feature like this. It’s a game, it is not worth bothering someone at work or someone else. Not even if you lose 20 castles, you do not have a right.

And we all know there would be people who abused this, thinking every damn tag was important.
Just absolutely not.


Seems like a team management issue


It’s not something that belongs in the game.

If the receiver wants to receive notifications from war dragons and nothing else, they should setup a focus mode which allows WD through and muted other types of messages

Wait, you don’t have a custom preset for War Dragons?

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If I have my notifications off, it’s because I don’t want to be notified. I would not like my teammates to be able to bypass my settings. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If I’m in an important meeting at work and have do not disturb on and still get notified of game stuff on a phone that I use to access work emails then the game would just be uninstalled. This should not be a thing it’s a game not an effing job. You want people to get notifications make it mandatory for your team and if they don’t do it boost them and find someone that will it’s that simple.

That’s not what this feature would affect. I used iMessage as a demonstration (based on something that already exists in a different way). The in-game feature would only affect in-game notifications.

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I would uninstall immediately if WDs could override settings and force an alert (which by the way, I think is impossible).

This. Just this. If people have their notis off. Do not give people the means to force them through. If someone is enabling dnd then they did it for a reason. If they just don’t want certain notis they can turn them off.

Because it will never just be urgent messages. Someone will push the button for something they think is urgent and send people notis in a business meeting, at a funeral, wedding or whatever.

I also think it comes down to this. Let people have a life outside of being chained to this game. The fact it is virtually required to have notis on is just wrong anyway

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I don’t even think an app can override the system settings. Especially notifications. Otherwise there would be tons of complaints from the users.

I personally like to enable notifications in game and then turn off notifications on my phone.

This way my teammates think the messages are getting through and I’m ignoring them, whereas actually the messages aren’t getting through, because I have no interest in what they’re saying


Ummmmm :roll_eyes::neutral_face: :no_mouth:

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Oh no! Is this a public forum? :flushed:


Having been woken up by someone in another time zone tagging me just to say ‘hello’ when it was 3am my time, hell no! I had let war dragons alerts through the do not disturb. Now i don’t.
I’m not interested in a game intruding when i’m busy/ill/asleep.