Nov. 16 2017 Event whiting out attack option

Both of my War Dragons accounts, each played on this same phone, have whited out my attack, and fortify options in the current event. If I cant participate then wth is the point of the event?

Id like some form of solution obviously, Ive tried restarting the game, and restarting my phone multiple times each.

There is a thread on this already here: King of the Hill - attack buttons aren't working If you are on an iPad, there is apparently an issue where the buttons are off screen, but they are aware and working on a fix.

Im on an android phone, so thst doesnt apply. Like I said, buttons are visible, just white and unclickable.

Yea, it doesn’t cover the whited out issue.

Screenshots will help PG diagnose

Android users on my team said clicking on the left edge worked for them.

This issue should now be resolved. Please let us know if there are any more issues around attacking or the buttons.

I just launched my game again, still whited out. Unless you sent out an update?

I THINK this is the screenshot, my phone wont let me pull from gallery so Im not sure.

Despite still being whited out on one of my phones, I was still able to attack after tapping on it :slight_smile:

True. Just tried it. Thanks

Ignore that complaint. Im a fucking idiot. On my alt right now.

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