November 2018 Dragon Lord Spotlight - xxxDUNKxxx


hummmmmmmm coolaid is in the water :eyes:


Fun fact:

Not a single person, who from when NMO came to diamond, is still on the team. And their leader from that time is currently in Dreadnought I believe. You can ask @Seers more. When she first started I believe they were in 333rd place, so it is quite the improvement though.


What? I feel the same way about Dreadnought. They are amazing. Giving props where it is due is a sign of maturity. You’ll find out some day Grasshopper :hugs:


Wow. :flushed:

Do you know how many originals are still in Dreadnought? :thinking:


Do you? :laughing:


Could be wrong but I think technically Dread predates the current iteration of Diamond so thats hard to say. As far as how many are on Dread since NMO came to diamond. 10+ off the top of my head.


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Since you mentioned your interest in atlas and it’s future in your questions about the summit, what’s your opinion on the changes to the T4+ glory scaling and how does that affect NMO?


That was already covered. They grew…together :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


ya…coolaid is strong with this one :eyes:


Yep. And I’m also a massive snowflake :innocent:


not doubting that one bit :eyes:


Dread and NMO have been at the top of the game since I started playing back when gold was the high tier. My team leader was a Dreadnought player before leaving to found his own team(s) and most of what I know about the game (pre-Atlas) I learned from him. I’m sure most of what he knew of team building and play he learned from being on Dreadnought.

Be gracious and give props where they are due.

Again, congratulations Dunk, and fire up the scoot for me!


That is chronologically incorrect.

That one I didnt know

Hmm dont necessarily agree, but variety is the spice of life.

Agreed…when they are due.


I sense great anger in you, what did they do to you?


haha, being in plat does that to you…it dulls the senses. But your wallet grows probably so not all bad.


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Hey PandaBear; what was chronologically incorrect? That gold was the highest tier or that Dread and NMO were at the top of the game?


If I remember correctly the leader of NMO (Nomercy) joined dread back then. Maybe 10% of today’s player base was in this game maybe less. The team had the infamous Donnie back then and went from a mediocre diamond team (d2 and sapphire and the varieties of plat didn’t exist back then it was diamond - platinum - gold - silver and bronze) to a spenders welcome team. Funny fact was that Donnie never spent but found out how to hack the game without being caught. Not sure when they found out and banned him tho. Maybe when emerald came out :eyes:.

Kings back then were Dread and Equilibrium who fought for place 1. Dread won and EQ nearly disbanded.

Better teams I remember was Lethal something (disbanded) (LethalDescent didn’t exist), Dragongasm (disbanded) and AbandonAllHope (sapphire Team now).