November 2018 Dragon Lord Spotlight - xxxDUNKxxx


Fight with them, you will nearly disband? :thinking:


Donnie was Gasm, or was it EQ, pretty sure Gasm. Either way He didn’t join NMO until way later (after they were already rank 2). He had little impact on the rank of NMO, so not sure how he relates to your story.


I want to thank everyone for the opportunity to be the spotlight player. No matter where we are in life, it seems that people will always shed their comments whether its positive or negative. I love the game as much as anyone else and enjoy the players that I have found that became close friends.

I truly hope that everyone has the ability and passion to improve in the game. Its a great game to learn different skills. This is a game that brings people together or move them apart but we all know we have at one point made great friendships along the way.

I wish everyone the best.



Pretty sure that NMO didn’t play a role back when it was EQ vs dread. Aka the mentioned gold tier. And Donnie switched so often teams that I lost track. Lol


Yeah…EQ was more in that slot at the time.

Haha nah Mercy was never the leader of NMO he was the leader of FearNoMercy.

Its really not that hard tbh

Im sure theyre still working on it :smiley:

Lethal Squad


Ah thanks, couldn’t remember the second part… LethalSquad. Yeah.

Those were the names back then. :smiley:


@XXXDUNKXXX it is completely well deserved!

I’ve seen the amount of effort you put into the game. I’ve also seen how you and a few others care about others in this game regardless of alliances so thank you. Congratulations and very proud of you!!

Everyone has a style; some prefer to bulldoze and shout complains and hate (usually fall on deaf ears) and others prefer constructive critisim and helpful suggestions (usually make improvements even if slow). Thank you for being the second one :hugs:


If you just go by who had a custom avatar from then:




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Thanks for the reply. Was wanting to ask the personality bash you’re spouting through out this post is what? Kindness and wishes for well being??

If you dont like it, leave it bro.


Just stating a fact on something that occurred, nothing more, nothing less…bro


Once again, i’m not here to argue at all… I have one hand that was injured in an inncident. I’m not going to go back and forth with personal attacks. Its useless and very immature. Thanks.


Ahh gotcha. Im sure this is the correct place to do so instead of congratulating a player on achieving something…

Proper place and time works wonders :rofl:


I completely agree, stating that an event occurred should not be taken as a personal attack. Its existence is just that. You, or anyone can interpret as you see fit.

Sort of seems like a personal attack but no worries…also, way to sidestep but not deny that it occurred. All good. Just pointing it out.

Celebrating an achievement does not void its existence. But fair enough, not sure exactly what was achieved…but, that is perspective as well.


Achievement: selected for the spotlight player of the month (proud of ya man)!

True Rae. Thank you for your insight :hugs:


Maybe we should start celebrating forum suspensions. That’s an event that occurred too! Must be quite the achievement. I’m sure the player in question is extremely proud of themself.


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This seems a bit troubling

Please keep conversation in this thread on the topic of this month’s Dragon Lord Spotlight.


I like how you are the only one getting flagged lol gettin jealous…you argue well


Not particularly