Now it seems we're fighting against PGs

Well it’s here. Update 4.0h-no! Along with warring with other teams it seems of late we’re also under siege by Poket Gems’ developers. It’s getting ridiculous. They gladly let us spend our time and money to try to strengthen our bases against increasingly destructive event dragons for months only to pull the rug from under us with an ill conceived update. Our bases were not strong enough as it was. Now all of our elemental towers have been cut by as much as 2/3 power. Except of course the highest (50+) levels. Do they even try to think these changes thru?
And don’t get me started on dragons. With the flood of event dragons for sale the regular ole tier dragons are all but useless. Other than holding you back from building either your base or dragon stock. There are limits- true but they are not effective enough. When a level 50 can buy a dragon that easily defeats a base double his level or more how do you combat that. The tier dragons are so weak and mostly useless. You never see them in attacks like you should. And now it’s going to be even easier to crash through our bases. Rebalance? Is that what they’re calling it? Rebalanced for whom? I think they need to actually play the game. (Without the unlimited resources they no doubt have at their disposal). Just sayin…

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