Now we can’t even pick our dragon?

So let me get this straight. Now we can’t even pick which dragon we want from the season branches? If this is the case I’m done. Been getting close anyways due to the absolute lack of anything resembling any sort of interest in customer satisfaction, so this will just be the nail in the coffin.

What do you mean? There are still 3 dragons and a discount dragon. Only diffrence is two unlockables mythic and rider.

Let me guess, you tried to buy the mythic sorcerer, and didn’t realize it’s a mythic?

If so, the other two regular dragons (sorc and second hunter) are coming out 5 weeks from now.


At the moment, you can pick hunter or warrior.

When you complete those two, you can choose the sorceror.


in 6 weeks time you can choose between another hunter and/or another sorcerer.

Look at the image under New Structure:

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This forum never ceases to amaze me with the amount of ill-informed-but-angry hot-takes.


ditto LMAO


This is no different than previous seasons except there are now more dragons available at the start (aka the Mythic). There was always one class missing until later in the season. It just looks different.

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Man… if there’s a lock on a door, it means somebody dont want you to get in easy…

Usually most of the locks makes sense, usually.

The forums never ceases to amaze!

Me too. Did you know I’m a bat :see_no_evil:

How’s event going grumpy

Not too bad. I had a heap of food packs to crack open. Will see if I can get that mythic wisdom.

You sir guessed entirely correct, knee jerk reaction due to my automatic expectations for pgs failure

You said it right dude…jerk is jerk!:rofl:

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