Noxious Vines bug

I have noticed that the swipe attack will often fail to engage immediately after firing the noxious vines spell. Typically, I will have to do repeated taps on the screen to get the dragon to start firing again.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a bug or a “feature?”

If it is a bug, is anyone looking into it? I searched the forums but did not find any threads about this.

if it is a “feature,” does anyone have a better way to get the dragon to start shooting again?

It’s a bug with Nier specifically I believe.

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Does waiting for vines to land and then put your fingers back on the screen to shoot again make a difference?

The issue with Nier I think is a little worse. It’s super difficult to get her firing again - more than just lifting and resetting sometimes.

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It’s a warning :joy: don’t swipe vined towers, cuz that’s a waste of a good vine :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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No, I’ve experienced it with Slax too. :frowning:

Sorry I forgot they put that spell on two sorcerer dragons :joy:

Yep both sorcerer hav this issue

Sorcerers are the issue


I believe that sorcerers are only part of the issue and make this even worse.

But generally, Vines, Sand and other spells have this weird delay after casting them, even on hunters it‘s annoying to wait until you can fire.


So… We’re all in agreement that there is a bug. The question is, is anyone looking into fixing it, or is it just something we must learn to live with?

Not a bug, they designed it on purpose. They said they are looking at it. But that usually means they are not going to do anything.

It’s inherited design from the original lockdown spell. They mimic it’s original delay on the ability usage.

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