Noxious Vines damage calculation?

How does the damage component of Noxious Vines work?

Is it a percentage of something, fixed, or calculated some other way? How much damage should it be doing?

It’s 30% of your total health.

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So it is a spell that can be affected by boosts, riders, and gear? Is that correct?

Yep, one of the few.

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Thanks. The inconsistency (on PG’s part) is infuriatingly frustrating.

Yep, the inconsistency plus unintuitiveness of what spells scale with health or even spells that are based off of health (ghostfire blast) but scale with attack boosts and gear. It’s just like :exploding_head::flushed:

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how divine fire ball damage work?
when I use vulcan, the first cast deal lot of damage like 65% and the second cast doesnt kill the tower
when I shot too fast and the first cast doesnt do any damage (if it hit, the towers are destroyed completely), the second cast does only about 30% health of tower.

He is a glitchy little devil

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