NPCs droprate broken - Platin only?

Hi guys,

writing here cause support told me to write here cause they didn’t find any error.

ok - so whats the problem? - Since the last 2 PvP Events I am getting close to nothing from attacking NPCs.

The only response i got from suppport: It is intended to be like that cause NPCs level is too low compared to mine.

I am playing in platin 2 - lvl 349 currently.

And i know that the answer from support cant be correct - cause during last saison it still worked - the average drop was ofc a bit lower as fighting against Invaders… but I still got chests and goodies.

Since last 2 PvP Events - i only receive bronzechest from the first fight against NPCs - 2. fight 1 single item - and then close to nothing…

the curiosity: fighting temple guards at 25,50,75,100% - they didn’t drop chests or goodies after the 2 fights… but for fighting the guardians… flying with amarok & above levels i got goodies & Chests.

The only way to receive the normal drop rate was: Fly the first 2 flights… then deinstall - reinstall - then i got the error message game has to restart cause of sync error - after restart - i could fly the 1st flight with normal drop rate - 2nd flight 1 item - and then again nothing. Then i did the same again - deinstall - reinstall - restart cause for resync… 1. flight 1 or 2 bronze chests— and then again 1 item continued with nothing…

Strong post, clear explanation of the problem with lots of relevant data.

Let’s close this up @moderators ?

sorry - opened this post on my phone - switched to tablet - therefor the delay

telling this problem the support - i only got the info - its intended to be like that -
2nd respond: we revised - and you got some stuff ----- yes i got some stuff - but only after deleting game, downloading game 3 times in a row - then i got to frustrated to do it again… wrote the support - and got the useful information

Your level is too high…


And the problem with the drop rate still exits - at least during the last recent PvP Event.
Was more or less fighting from the beginning… on my first flight(against the 2nd isle) I got 2 bronze chests and goodies… 2nd flight not so sure - cause i was heading to work… but then around 23-25 flights nothing - then i got 1 bronze chest no goodies - after another about 20+ flights against Gustav - i got a 30% base boost - and that was it. the following 10+ attacks - nothing again.

wrote support - got the information my lvl is to high again…

Support, remarkably, is entirely correct here.


And now the funny part:
in my ally I have a team member - who is also lvl349 like me - and he gets the chests & goodies like i got last saison
i have another mate who is aroun lvl390 - he also got bronze chests & goodies -
so - why my lvl is too high?

after that - i did 12 flights:

4x lvl 102 haloxp - 1. flight 2 bronze&goodies, 2. flight 2 bronze&goodies, 3. flight only goodies 4. flight 2bronze& goodies

4x lvl 66 xp farm - 1. flight goodies 2. flight goodies 3. flight nothing 4. flight 1 bronze & goodies

4x Gustav: the last Gustav - shown lvl was 130,110,90,130
and what did Gustav drop - 4 times nothing

btw - i am not the only one who has that problem - some other mates also didn’t got the usual drops
where other mates got them… this is the problem i want to point out.

from the beginning till the last 2 events… 90%+ of my points were from single 4 energy flights… now the only way to get chests are only fighting PvP - then i didn’t have the time to wait NPC is down or to always wait for PVP Isle - so i had much less fighting time - so to get enough points I had to use megas… so wasting so much energy & points… and at the guardians i had to waste at the end of the event 3 megas to get the milestone which was planned before the event started. The last event - I didn’t got the expected milestone cause i didn’t want to waste another 2 megas.

and speaking of collected chests:
2 mates collected each around 700 bronze chests (and about 30 silber 7-8 gold ofc too)
but i got only 375 bronze chests. (and about 30 silber too only 2-3 gold chests)
one mate made about 1k more points than me - the other one made 600 points less than me…
and the level of both mates are quite higher than mine

Team Gauntlet PvE bases in platinum league are too low for you to obtain any chests from. OK maybe you may get 1 or 2 per event randomly, but it just won’t happen during the regular runs.

I can tell you that the L600 Diamond Gustav base i frequented this past event dropped a TON of chests for me. I’m L400 so i’m “hitting up” in levels, therefore getting good drop rates.

What levels were these bases at for you in your league?

I got chests, but that is because I believe they were ~L400 bases or so, so they were on par with my level and I could therefore hit them.

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the max level at platinum is 180

the problem for me is still - I am getting like 98% less bronze chests compared to last saison
and some of my mates are getting 1.6-2.0 bronze chests per flight and their level is about 378-390
another mate is also lvl349 like me - he is getting stuff every flight - but my lvl is to high?
some other players from my team also have about the same drop rate like me: their lvl: 342,341,238
yes lvl 238 - and he also receive close to nothing -

What league are they in?
If your friends are also in Platinum league and the same level as you, they should not be getting chest drops. They should be barely getting any.

we are in the same team

but in my opinion there must be a bug…
cause when even a lvl238 is getting close to nothing - and last saison with lvl300 i got the usual 1.8-2.0 chess per flight…

Something is going on. I got plenty of chests with inners, sigals and energy with my alt that is on a plat team, and so many people on my sapphire team got shit when opening chests…no inners, sigals or energy. PG blew it off as usual. Could it have something to do with changes PG made to PVP and they created a new “bug”? I will take that bet

The problem with anecdotal evidence is that often times it is expressed as a result of feelings rather than factual data. I think getting 7-8 gold chests during one PVP event might be augmenting the truth just a bit.


We’re the total chests your friends got due to the bonus chest/s you get from every run at the points screen? Megas give a heap (30?) supers give 4 wildfire gives 5 and a single energy run gave 1
I got barely no chests in flight against the island chains. I’m L300 in P1. I got a bronze or silver or multiples of as I said above tho

I got like 500 bronze chests this event and I’m just under level 300 so I don’t know what this is about.

and how many points about?

i got 375 bronze chests this event with 111k points (some of these are also from invaders) - i am lvl349
i have 2 mates - one with about 600 points more the other with 600 points less than me - but both of them got about 700 chests… and their level is between 370-390
they got an average of 1.7-2.0 chests per flight per gustav base
i got with 50+ flights 1 bronzechest and 1 30% base boost

and I got the info from support it is supposed to be like that - cause my level is to high - and that there is no garantuee that chests are dropping from gustav bases…

but when there is no garantuee that chests are dropping - how can it be that there is such a huge gap between my drop rate and the droprate of my mates?

and this is 2 2nd event in a row - i am getting close to nothing…

this is the reason I was opening this thread

159k, but I did most of my hits on other teams since I was online for PVP more than I was when our Gustav island was open. If you were hitting Gustav, then 349 would not be too high level (I assume) since the base is now level 500+. But below that, yeah, you might not get chests due to your level. I’m not 100% sure on that so I won’t comment further, but I definitely didn’t notice any lacking chests personally, and actually got a lot more this event since they raised levels on the islands.

Edit: Gustav is level 500 in Sapphire league, actually not sure about platinum so disregard that portion.