Number of players that Atlas servers can support


I have to say, I’m a little disappointed with the slowness of the slow rollout for Atlas that’s been announced. Diamond I and II are 50 teams x 50 players per team = 2500 players, which is pretty minuscule load unless the requests per second per user is incredibly high. Sure, add in the players that have had Atlas Beta for months, and you’re still not talking about many total users.

Any possibility we could get an expected schedule for further rollouts? (never mind, I already know the answer to that one)

Grogg is lonely.


Honestly I think Diamond 1 and 2 will be testing a lot of the issues with the live launch. Lag issues, missing items, etc. I would MUCH rather them go bit by bit and ensure everything is going smooth than rush everyone in at once and have mass chaos.


I would hope that bugs were discovered and addressed in Beta (that’s what it’s for) and that the slow rollout would be to address scalability issues – and ~2500 users doesn’t say squat about scalability.

Mind you, I’m probably just whingeing because my team is Sapphire I, and I really want another rider or three. Agreed that I want to see this rollout be successful, I just want it now :slight_smile:


I’m sure there will be bumps along the road as we hit minor problems scaling our technology. I’m sure you’ve experienced previous examples along the way as we’ve fixed them over time. But we have skilled engineers who figure out how to repair each of these scaling issues as they come up.

I don’t know of any reason our technology architecture for atlas can’t scale to millions of players in a single world.

Our staged rollout schedule is less worried about technology scaling and more paranoid about making sure the gameplay and fun itself is scaling properly.

Eg have we figured out the best way to add new players to the world and give them a decent experience and as fair as possible for everyone? What if they immediately get steam rolled by the existing teams?

Eg we haven’t had a new team join in a year. What kinds of tutorial is the right kind? What if they get totally overwhelmed and give up trying it?


This is exactly why I want this to come out at a steady pace! We can’t have this amount of chaos coming up. I don’t have the chance to play it but I’m not worried since I’d rather play a finished product than a “come one come all let’s all get steamrolled by those teams that exist!” Something I do want to know is how will you deal with farming because of the world map since it’s bound to happen. (A team farms another because of not backing out on land)


@pgCampusLifer so, transparency, please! 50 teams the first week, another 50 in the next week? or two weeks? Or a month? Should we war hard for a week or two to get into D2 if we want Atlas access, or just chill and Saph 1 will have it in a week?

I know it’s bad to overcommit and underdeliver, but some idea of the rollout schedule would be great.


It’s not a perfectly fixed schedule. We’ll be taking a look at activity and feedback and adding players in once we feel things are good.


Its quite frustrating down here in gold seeing all the posts about Atlas and seeing nothing other than a slowing of the game performance and increased data usage (data usage increasing a hundred fold over a month).

I feel like we’re getting the raw end of the deal - all the downsides and no benefits.

Perhaps its time to ditch Atlas and remove the 2nd class playing experience from war dragons?


Atlas isn’t going anywhere - that much is clear.

And honestly, Gold League wouldn’t want Atlas since it is the same exact world map Platinum-Diamond have.

They did say they will be addressing the data usage.


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