Number of teams promoted in Fit Fight Pits backward?

Just noticed, 3 teams can promoted from The Keep but 4 teams from The Training Ground.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

It depends how many teams are in the pit. Different percentages apply to each pit and there is rounding off.

It shouldn’t matter.

If there are 12 teams, 1 champion will advance while 5 upper part will also advance while the bottom 6 part will be demoted for a total of 12 teams.

Again, it shouldn’t matter lol The event can be designed to promote a set number of teams regardless of how many start in the pit, as long as the number of teams promoted does not exceed the number of teams.

For example, start with 12 - promote 6. Then promote 4. Then promote 3. Then crown a champion.

Above example would work with 20, 30, or 50 teams. Doesn’t matter.

In my case, there is zero reason as to why 4 teams can’t move from the Keep and 3 from the Training Ground. All that has to happen is the number to be swapped around.

It can be designed that way, but it isn’t. It’s a percentage.

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Ah, thanks folks for clearing that up for me. Was wondering if I was going to need someone to draw it out in crayon for me LOL

I recorded the teamcount of each pit per round

Something else that affects things in The Coliseum is how the teams do. If one team dominates, as happened in my league, then every other team gets demoted. A second team can stay if five are in The Coliseum, but only if the second place team has at least 250k in points at the end of the round. Otherwise four teams, not three get demoted.

No, I’m pretty sure the number of teams getting demoted or promoted or stay is fix, regardless of team’s performance

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