Obtaining Ochre Evo Stones (an idea)

Right now it’s looking like the only way to evolve Ochre is to be a player (or at least a player within a team) that largely has grown past Ochre already. At least that’s the way it’s looking like based on the relative levels required in the breed event. Maybe it would be easier during a PVP event where there are a lot more points flying around but I doubt the same numbering scale would be used across all the events (otherwise we’d just smash through at the first pvp).

What would be interesting to see is if evolving your Ochre could span over multiple events using an idea of Evo Stone shards.

Now before you jump in and cry about more shards I would like to see this concept limited only to event/team rewards and only to Ochre or (maybe in the future I don’t know) future dragon offerings which require continued team event participation. Definitely not calling for these to be included in chest drops which would only further dilute what you get in there.

Instead of each being given whole stones to jump Ochre to next stage, make each stage need a shard/fragment count similar to breeding the dragon to begin with. Then with each team achievement level reached you are rewarded an ever increasing amount of those shards/fragments.

I think this would be a good way to encourage breeding and using Ochre (especially for players still on the lower end of the spectrum like myself), otherwise a lot of people simply won’t bother because the current achievements required to get Ochre are just unrealistic (again, for the people that could actually have use for him). And to keep the difficulty/grind aspect there, make the shard/fragment costs large enough to where if you couldn’t be hitting this top achievement level right now for platinum, it would still require respectable performance across multiple team events.

Edit: Standard boilerplate acknowledging that creating said “evo stone fragment/shard” will probably break everything in the game, yadda yadda yadda.

We have an unbending wire, and you want to tangle it in unmentionable ways…

I love your enthusiasm, yet still would prefer a simple solution that doesn’t screw up the game even further: reasonable criteria.

I don’t think it would tangle the game up in too many ways (aside from my half-joking aside about it leading to the whole thing coming crashing to the ground every time something new is introduced). If the shards/fragments are team achievement rewards only and can only be used for the specific dragon (in this case) or class of dragons (that doesn’t exist yet but I could see being something in the future for continued team event rewards), it’s hardly going to tangle up all the other things we fret about such as sigil drop rates in chests, so on and so forth.

I am kinda happy with the sigil drop rates: The breeding tokens already done and I just have 2975 to be invested in Kayla. And I didn’t spend a penny on chests. (I am lv 59)

I actually like this idea. Its another way to work towards the ochre stones for those that want it instead of being completely out of reach as it is currently.

I understand the concept of getting the team together to strive for a common goal. This being, getting the evolution stones for Ochre. The draw back, not everyone on the team got this dragon, so there is no incentive for those team members. When I got this dragon I did not realize the team was going to be responsible for getting the stones. I thought it was going to be only myself who was responsible for getting the stones.

It looks like a good idea on the surface. However, as Ochre will have such a limited use anyway, I would say just let it die peacefully now, instead of trying to patch it. They are just starting with this team quest idea, so it will definitely have its growing pains.

If they are going to continue with the idea of have a dragon availible for team quests on ocassion, perhaps one per season, I would definitely suggest that first of all, they give it the ability to evolve to max tier. This will make it much more attractive to their player base.

Next, I would suggest they find a way to scale the shard/evolve stone awards so that the lower awards will be meaningful for the lower teams, while the high tier awards are also useful to the strong team. Right now, the only use these awards really have are the extra sigils. While I never turn down more sigils, it would be nice if the “main prize” actually meant something.

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