Ochre and Ember evolve stones?

So for the breeding event currently up during thanksgiving you release an orange tier evolving warrior dragon, Ochre. I used the egg tokens to gain the Orange tier Warrior and got him to level 6 quickly, only to find out I don’t have the green stone to evolve him through the tiers, and it’s nowhere to be found. What’s the deal? Ember and now Ochre evolving stones are MIA or…? Any info on where they are would be appreciated, thanks.

There are tons of forums posts about it.

The stones come from the Team Quests, whose release was delayed.

Ochre stones are from team quests which is delayed as Jonesy said.

Ember stones are from the store - need to spend real money to buy it. I don’t recommend levelling ember at all - keep it at level 1 it is much more useful at that level.

GrumpyBigBird I am leaving Ember at lvl 1, that’s the plan all along. Ochre however I’d like to get him to his max tier as my favorite dragons are warrior dragons, being a 4 star he’s likely gonna be retired quickly. Thanks for the info on the Team Quest stones, those need to be released already

Don’t rush more bugs into the game please. That would be bad.

Jonesy, I’m not rushing anything into the game, however, if that’s an issue for you, please feel free to help them develop ways for it to not be “buggy” I personally haven’t had any issues.

To clarify on Ember; the packs containing Embers evolution stones are only available to lower level players. Once you breed Green tier dragons, the packs disappear.

You must be a new(er) player then. Oh, so innocent. You will learn.

I think more precisely green legendaries :wink:

No Jonesy, I’ve been playing for well over a year. I have never had any issues with the game other than the server crash, out of my control. You will learn, what’s posted doesn’t require smart ass answers, just post what you know.

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Not being a smart ass at all, or posting smart ass answers. But, I do find it hard to believe you have been playing as long as you claim, yet couldn’t spend 30 seconds finding the answers to your questions right here on the forums, in the multitude of threads about Okra and Ember.

As far as not having any issues with bugs and whatnot, I’d like to know what game you are playing, cause not one week goes by that doesn’t have issues…

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Actually, if for whatever reason, players who’ve already bred a legendary green dragon still want to buy Ember packs:

Note: If you have already obtained a Legendary Green dragon, but still wish to evolve Ember, you may obtain a stone through the following means:
Purchase a Value Pack of equal value and then “Contact Us” via the in-game Help menu to be granted the stone.
Purple = $4.99
Blue = $19.99
Orange = $99.99

Bottom of this page:

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Playing War Dragons, have been for over a year, and I haven’t had any issues. As for looking for the answers I did, couldn’t find anything, may have been looking under the wrong topic, who knows, but you answered my question, see how easy that was?

Now who is being the smart ass?

I’ve been playing for 6-7 weeks and I don’t think I’ve had any events other than this breeding event where I haven’t had any issues. Last breeding event I didn’t get my double tokens from blimp missions and I also never got chest drops during the same breeding event. Support had no clue why.

I can’t count the number of support tickets I’ve opened. Glad you have been lucky to have no issues.

Ember is good for people below level 40… max 50. I also throw my hat in for Ochre evolve stone. Good investment

Ember is good for anyone left at L1, can’t beat a cleanup dragon with minimal heal time (or no heal time if your game loads slowly) to finish off pesky rss buildings. :muscle:


Yeah. Those buildings are sneaky. Just when you think they destroyed heals. -.-

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Thanks moved to general.

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