Ochre and Team Quests going forward?

What’s the plan for Ochre going forward? I’m right in that sweet spot where continued progress with Ochre would be fantastic and I really like flying him even at the low evolution spot I’m at. How is progression with him going to work if the evolution stones are constantly out of reach at the top end of Team Quests, and to that point, what’s the future of team quests? They showed up one time during breeding but I was hoping they would have been a regular fixture in our events week in and week out.


Of course I see that Team Quests are a part of this Team Gauntlet event but there are no Ochre rewards at all. At least not in the league I’m currently sitting in. Go figure.

There none on mine either. I was also gonna post asking about them…

I’m wondering the same thing. If I knew I only had one Team Achievements event to get all that was needed for Orchre to continuing evolving, I wouldn’t have wasted eggs tokens breeding her. I’m hoping that isn’t the
case cause she’s awesome. Also, I’ve heard from other players that they can’t even breed her now, it says, “You do not have the parents”, even when they do and they are at breedable level.

If it helps, you most likely would never get the team achievement awards for the platinum stone

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