Ochre - Evolve this new Warrior with upcoming Team Achievements!


Dragon Lords,

A new evolving Warrior dragon is waiting to be discovered, and you’ll need the help of your team to grow its strength!

Ochre begins as an Orange Tier dragon that can be bred from Amarok and Durga. To level up and evolve Ochre, obtain Ochre’s Evolution Stones by completing Team Achievements in the weeks to come!

Note: Team Quests have been renamed to Team Achievements. Any screenshots below showing Team Quests will now be renamed to Team Achievements.

Team Achievements are added prize tiers that teams can claim during the event based on player achievements within the team. Every team has the opportunity to hit achievement levels, but these levels are only possible if more players participate.

Team Achievements will be found in the game very soon! To learn more about Team Achievements, check out our latest blog post.



Ever searching for the spark to reveal its inner radiance.”

Class: Warrior

Rarity: Legendary

Element: Earth


  • Heated Breath - Active, 1 Rage, White
    Increases Dragon’s flamethrower damage by 20% for 3 seconds.

  • Shield Blast - Active, 1 Rage, Blue
    Creates a shield that protects the Dragon for 2.5 seconds or up to 50% of its maximum HP, at which point the shield explodes, dealing 10% of the Dragon’s maximum HP to surrounding nearby towers.

  • Berserk - Active, 3 Rage, Blue
    Dragon gains 75% increased damage and deals 25% of maximum HP to itself as damage over 5 seconds. Dragon heals for 12% of maximum HP per tower destroyed while buff is active. Rage regeneration is increased by 50%.
    Learned at Level 10

  • Cannon Resist - Passive
    Reduce damage taken from Cannon Towers by 70%.
    Learned at Level 13






Attack Power

Orange Tier Max





Green Tier Max





Gold Tier Max





Platinum Tier Max





Ochre’s greatest potential lies within the power of its Evolution Stones. Work together with your teammates and complete upcoming Team Achievements to fly victoriously!

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Ochre Cost me 23.5k tokens, thought the team quests started with this event but it’s still not there

Looks like ember 2.0 as a warrior


They pushed back the team rewards due to glitches. Honestly this is kinda silly. Teammates who don’t get Ochre (Or can’t yet as they don’t have the parents) are going to get evo stones for a dragon they don’t have? Strange.

He is way below useful for myself so I wasn’t planning to bother with him.


I only did it to get points for the team quest’s, now I feel like a chump, maybe PG can take it back and give me tokens in a refund until the quests are actually live…


It’ll be a while.


Excellent, time for yet another support ticket


Um you didn’t need ochre to earn team points. They are just a set of targets for the team to hit and everyone then gets the rewards. So you could have helped your team get their evo stones without breeding ochre yourself…


I have nothing else to breed that falls in line with my path or costs the entire stash of tokens I have (trying to push through Platinum and Sapphire). I was going to skip this event, then PG said oh look at this new feature it’ll be out this next event…


My guess is that Ochre will continue to be available, it is only being introduced now - so if you can’t breed him during this event, you’ll be able to at some point in the future.


He’ll be available outside of breeding events, just like Ember is; Pixxel confirmed on stream.


I am currently breeding Emerald. An evolving dragon that maxes out at Sapphire is kinda useless for me. Yet once team rewards come out I will be receiving evo stones for a dragon I don’t have and don’t want.

I stand by my silly statement. :blush:


I’m with you on that front. I’m in Garnet, so the dragon isn’t all that useful to me either. And with the egg token cost of Garnet, I really can’t spare the 23k tokens.


I have to admit that I’m a little confused about Ochre’s max evolution tier. The blog & forum posts show Ochre’s max stats through Platinum tier. In the Breeding Castle, it looks like Ochre should be able to evolve into Sapphire since he has 4 slots for evolution stones under his portrait. Which one is correct?


@PGCrisis First concern for you. I assumed the dragon would reach Sapphire tier because in-game it starts off at Orange Tier and shows 4 evolution stones. As @thellama042 has noted you have only released stats for Platinum tier. Could you please clarify? Thanks


It looks like they have problems not only with the launch of team quest, but with correct description of new dragons. But it doesn’t surprise me


It seems heated breath spell is not working as intended. Raised a ticket.
IGN XG7682


Any confirmation on the max tier for Ochre? Platinum or Sapphire


Platinum I believe


Well, I’m small, so I had to breed and train Durga first to get Ochre.
Now Durga is ready and I was looking if I can start Ochre.
Nothing. Only the usual child eggs there.
Wasn’t it said that Ochre will be available after breeding event too ???


@PGCrisis On stream, it was said that Ochre would be permanently available… did that mean only during breeding events then? In Lineage, it’ll say that you don’t have the parents, then scrolling through to manually put in Durga and Amarok don’t show the Ochre egg either.

I guess that it saves you the tokens, though, all the better for progression :see_no_evil: