Ochre - Evolve this new Warrior with upcoming Team Achievements!


I think you heard her wrong, she said her love of roller coasting with old people was permanent. Honest mistake. :grin:


maybe permanent in the game but limited availability for its breeding like Dodo.

well team quest isn’t released yet so maybe once it is released, they can release it again for breeding


Okay, okay. You clearly only heard “loves roller coasters” and “with old people” and stuck the two together. It’s not that I don’t like old people (that’s a weird way to start a sentence…); Some elderly folks LOVE coasters, I just happen to be in the same riding group with them! :roller_coaster:

Aaaaanyway…I can double check on the permanence of Ochre for y’all. Hang tight!


Hey all,

So from the team, it sounds like Ochre WILL be breedable in future events, but not necessarily in a consistent rotation. So, “permanent” isn’t the right term here, but Ochre will be making an appearance in the future as a breedable dragon.

Breeding ochre issue

… in case you forgot about some other things to check up on :grin: @Arelyna


Ice skating dragon is for Arelyna, isn’t it? :joy: Though, it might’ve been in the twitch stream I forgot about :see_no_evil:


oh shoot i got mixed up again… lemme tag her


What happened to the team quest? I thought it was starting this week ? @Arelyna


Since the announcement of the delay, there’ve been no further release timings for it, at least on the forums.


I hoped they would have had it fixed for the PVP event. I didn’t realize the delay would be indefinetly but I know they have been slammed with trying to get Winter Season completed.


I got my Okra to level 6… now i have to wait :sob:


Team Quests is going to appear sometime during the upcoming Wintertide season. I don’t have an exact date right now. Sorry!


@XxTrueOnexX OMG I LOVE IT!!! I will definitely be printing this out and putting it near my desk.

@forScience Yes, you were correct that ice skating dragons are for me. I’m the ice skater and coach here in the office.


Well, this is not nice. Please rethink your decision to make Ochre “non permanent “. You forced every small player to breed Durga to get him.
With the promise he’s breedable permanent and we will get his stones for Team Quests.
Now everyone is ready and neither team quest nor Ochre are there.
I feel a bit cheated that I threw my egg tokens away for Durga.


I also feel a bit out of the loop and cheated for using all mystic shards to get his egg. Why aren’t Team Quests here and why can’t i get my dragon, who i spent lots of time and xp runs on, to green - gold - and platinum??? It’s like releasing all the seasonal event dragons but only up to their green stone and then telling the public “You should spend you sigils on these dragons that will only be useful when we decide to release the rest of their stones which is info we wont tell you!”

I want my Ochre Stones now please!!! @Arelyna


I want a game not riddled with glitches! Oh wait, I mean riddled with more glitches! :joy::joy:

They said they put it on hold due to glitches caused by team rewards. I am perfectly fine waiting until they whittle it down to 2 or 3 glitches before they release team rewards. Have patience young padawan, be rewarding it will.


Or just let them gift the stones to us all for having to wait… what’s another platinum warrior to them? :man_shrugging:t3:


The most I know about it is that it will launch sometime this season.


Is there any other way to give out the stones for ochre then? I dont want to have to keep an orange tier warrior in my roster when i plan on breeding gold dragons in this next breeding event.

Could you talk to your team about how long it is till team missions would be predicted to be ready and if it is going to be more than another week figure out a way to add the stones to the seasonal section OR the personal prizes in the next event??? I’m not asking the date I’m ask for Ochre to be fully released in the case that team missions don’t start till the last week of this season.


You don;t need to keep it in the roster, use any other dragon. Do 3 xp runs with him every day and that’s it. when the evo stones come and you can evolve it, then use it again. Simple as that.