Ochre - Evolve this new Warrior with upcoming Team Achievements!


I’ll say this as nicely as possible… Oh hell no. It was projected that the Team Quests were “Coming Soon” and that we would have a useful dragon. I bought into it and found that “Coming Soon” really means within a 3 month duration… I either want my Mystery fragments back as well as all the xp boosts i used on him or some way to earn his stones in the time that was advertised.

And please don’t tell me how PG works, i know all to well how this can play out…


Why would you use mystic frags in the 1st place?

And, did you really think PG would follow through anyways?


If you knew then why on earth did you invest that much stuff?! Sounds contradictory a bit…

Anyway, I say that I’d rather wait quietly until they properly work it out, than getting some half-done crap and then just struggle with it.

Have you realized that even the instant noodles need 5 minutes to be ready? :wink: Patience, child, and you’ll get your reward.


Would you also give back those event points, events rewards prizes and sigils you got using Mystic frags in a Breeding event? I can understand you are pissed but you won’t get a refund simply because Ochre evolution stones release is delayed. You got something in exchange for those Mystic frags, and it was worth it (not worth using it on that dragon imo tho). You can’t have it both ways.

@BriDraconis Saying this just in case : even if Ochre was permanently breedable you shouldn’t think about breeding him outside of Breeding event, because egg tokens are worth event points then (and you can get extra prizes for using it). I am confident that the team will do its best to make Ochre available for the next Breeding event again and team quests will follow as soon as possible. Same comment about points you got using tokens to breed Durga for you, it was worth some prizes, even at the price of your own advancement maybe, but still good. Don’t feel bad anymore please, you did nothing wrong :blush:

Have a little faith guys.


If it means i get his stones, heck yeah! What’s a couple prizes to me anyways?


So you will get his stones but PG would take back your dragon obtained by using those Mystic frags? :thinking:not mentioning that this manipulation would probably be complex, useless and rich in bugs and glitch in my opinion. Then Yay you will get useless stones for a Dragon you don’t have… I really don’t get it… 🤷


I feel bad for those who got the Dragon.

  • There is still the chance the team “fails” the team quests and you end up not getting all Stones for it
  • Midsize or bigger players will have that dragon now in roster - have XP runs with it (swapping it out since it can´t take bigger bases alone which give max XP) only to bench it once max XP is reached.
  • once you have all evo stones you simply train the dragon only to bench it right away because it´s maxed and/or useless.

What did I miss? How can this Dragon be usefull and fun?


Then i breed him again with the mythic frags i get back and now have all his stones. I fail to see the downside? Not like it would happen anyways


Or since there is a delay they could just add an extra stone and have him go to sapphire instead of just platinum… Again, not going to happen, but it would be a nice “apology” for the delay. Wishful thinking lol


don’t let this topic fade away


Oh ya i wanted to point this out…

On the advertisement for Ochre it doesn’t even show Ocher… It shows Ember… :thinking:

When typing this i also remember the add with level 72 dragons… What a tease amiright?!?


The topic went away because there were no team achievements in the recent events. It will come up as soon as the team achievements show up in the same way they did last time.


So…where are his stones?


Knowing out luck they’ll only introduce ochre evo stones as team achievement prizes during breed events, so we can continue to be hamstrung on the same level every single time.


So the stage of Orche is like this
Those teams that can max the team achievement, have no use for him. So it’s just a dull toy (not really shiny cause it’s so obsolete for many teams)
Those teams that want to have him, can’t max team achievement. Hence render ochre useless again.
And what if PG decided to bring ochre back again, what would happen to those who already had the stones before? Have 2 useless dragons??? Makes no sense for me at all
To sum up, no matter what we do, ochre is always a shitty Dragon. And PG always find a way to screw with us :joy::rofl:


Unfortunately I have to agree with that Ochre is a Dead End. And I have the feeling that poor thing will be buried just like the armours.



There’s actually a “future gravestone” website? Little bit more than morbid. Geesh…

Will have to go model mine since I won’t be able to read the engraving on mine when I die. Hard to see from underneath and down in Hell…



@Arelyna Can we get an update on this or is Ochre just dead and gone? lol #RIP


Last I heard from the team, they were planning on bringing them back at some point. Don’t have an exact date though. Sorry!


So what would happen to those who already got them first event?