Ochre - Evolve this new Warrior with upcoming Team Achievements!


Ochre is an orange. (From Durga and Amarok). Thus it’s green, gold, and platinum evo stone

-edit. Add ss-


We can’t trust the stats here because the game is showing something different
That’s why we want confirmation from someone, anyone, on the dev team


I got the stones for him, but never bred him. I guess I am glad now that I did not.

But seriously, this is like promising a pizza party and just letting everyone smell the pizza before whisking it away and telling them all that they can eat it next year.


Got the platinum stone?


Just to gold if I remember right.


Was only asking since you needed 40 members of your team to spend 180k egg tokens during breed event to grab the platinum stone. Not even sure if my team got the gold stone


I know Ochre is Orange. If you re-read what I said:

edit: I hope that didn’t come accross as condescending? (not my intention to be rude)


Well, it seems it can go up to Sapphire! (I am confident it had only 3 stars when initially released…) :thinking:

Orange NOW
+1 Green
+2 Gold
+3 Platinum
+4 Sapphire

Or Am I reading something wrong? Not as if it would make any difference :stuck_out_tongue:


Can somebody close this thread please?