Ochre - given the delay in team quests would it be possible to include an additional evolution stone?

Having spent the tokens to breed Ochre back when he was announced it’s a bit frustrating to have him sat at level 6 while the bugs are sorted with the team quests.
Not that I want those pushed through early - no extra bugs thanks!

And I do like Ochre - he’s a nice dragon to fly and he looks good. But the longer the delay the more I level, as do many other players, possibly past the point where he’s a useful dragon.

To make him viable for longer is it possible to add one or more extra evolution stones? I don’t know how difficult that would be, if it’s even feasible, but I’m hoping it’s possible.

(I did search for other topics on Ochre; I just want to raise the idea of extra evolution stones).


I second the motion. (i dont have ochre, but it would be a nice “sorry for the delay” perk for those that have him :wink:)

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I don’t have him either, and was thinking of letting him go, but if your plan succeeds, I may breed him. :smiley:

I thought you couldn’t breed him at the moment, just in that breeding event.

Aleryna, Pixxel or who it was… Never mind, one of the PGladies said and confirmed that the above mentioned dragon is a permanent addition to the game and would be available even after the event ends.

I would happily try it, but my Durga is still not ready to be fucked … khm… a mother.

We don’t even know if his stones are even a thing… might as well just get your wallets out for his platinum stone anyways…

Ochre can’t be bred at the moment, you have to wait until it is announced to be available for breeding again (maybe next Breeding event :wink:).

@PGJared @PGPulse hoping I’ve tagged the right people - apologies if not!

Is this a feasible idea? Thanks

I really want Ochre evolution stones NOW!!! Can’t wait for team quests.

same for amarok is but durgs isn’t yet. im waiting till next food event to upgrade him. however when i hover over ochre his crossbreeding thing says still “you don’t have parents” and when i pair the two amrokXdurga it shows 2 legendary eggs but ones i already have. it shows amarok and durga as the 2 eggs for orange legendary? anyone else have this problem?

where did you hear that?

On behalf of Kardul:

It was the case, even with parents manually selected the egg for Ochre didn’t come up, however when the breeding event started it was available immediately. So I hatched him, and I don’t regret doing so.

ok so hes only available during breeding event then?

that makes me feel better. ill make sure durga is lvled up to breed before next one. even if i have to lvl him up outside feeding event.

also if you get the evo stones prior to getting the dragon. it doesn’t effect anything right? i ready somewhere else someone else was asking and never got answered if they already had 3 of his evo stones then got him would they have to re-get his stones?

This is just mere speculation, but seems legit and following the past experience:

  • he will be breedable next breeding event
  • the evolution stones don’t expiry, once earned, they will be in your inventory till you use them.

Once they’re in your inventory, they’re in your inventory.

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alright cool thnx for the answers guys this one has been bugging me recently.

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