Ochre Has Arrived!


Dragon Lords,

During this week’s Breeding Event, you’ll be able to breed the new evolving dragon, Ochre! For details, please be sure to check out our blog post.

Ochre the Cinderhoned Warrior?
How can I win the prize from Atlas

@DragonPunch but how? we dont even see the team quest tab.


Team quest isn’t tied to breeding Ochre, just that you’ll need to wait for the release of Team Quests to evolve it. Team Quests have been delayed per


Is it only available during this event?


Pixxel confirmed in the event that he’ll still be around after the event, just like Ember is.

Will Ochre be available after this event?

Is the maximum evolution for Ochre, Platinum or will that be increased to higher level tiers in the future? If Platinum is in fact the highest tier Orchre is permitted to evolve, then I am at a loss why higher level players would be tempted to acquire this dragon. I must be missing something?


Astute observation, and one I’d like to elaborate on.

As it stands, the Platinum stone requires 40 team members to rock the event. Even the Gold stone requires 30 team members to do exceptionally well. I’m in a Plat III/II team, and we have yet to get the 40 team member achievement in any team event, and the Fort event going on right now is the first where we’ve hit the 30 mark.

Ok, team achievements should require exceptional team effort to get the best rewards…

But if players cannot get the Gold or Platinum stones for Ochre until they are in a team that is primarily Sapphire/Garnet/Emerald, then what is the point of this dragon? It appears to be, by design, obsolete from the time he comes out of the incubator. Ok, sure, maybe he’s OK for people in Orange or Green (between base level 28 and 70), but by the time players are able to get the Gold or Platinum stones, they will be well beyond the point where he is useful.

The only way to address this issue is to increase the number of evolution stones available to Ochre (adding at least Sapphire and maybe Garnet), and re-distributing the team achievement tiers at which the stones are obtained, making it possible to get the Gold and Platinum stones for the mid-level team achievements, and reserving Sapphire and/or Garnet stones for the higher-end team achievements.

But as it stands, Ochre is going to sit at green for a lot of people for a long, long time.


Ochre’s stones haven’t been available since the “team achievements” came back 3-4 events ago. Pretty sure they are hoping we forget he even exists lol


The real question is, what would happen to those who don’t need that useless Dragon and still be forced to have him for a second time??.
As we all know, those teams that can reach the end of the team achievement have no use for ochre… And those who need them can’t even reach


He’s basically another dodopyyr, his event will probably only come around a few times a year or once a season.


Hum why is then I couldn’t breed Ochre I’ve both Durga and Amarok and evolution stones too


lol forget him, he is really bad.
i dont need him. and i dint want another evo stone for him.


I wouldn’t waste the breeding tokens for a dead end dragon. If he led to something cool, sure, but so far he is a dead end.

I wasted tokens on my main account on Dodo, Dodopyyr and Donivalis. They are fun to see fly and to humiliate someone by flying them on their base, but they were a waste of about 50k breeding tokens give or take, and I would love to have them back to tear down the sapphire wall I am at now.

I didn’t breed ochre because I saw the levels to get the platinum evolve stone, and my platinum 2 team wasn’t going to touch it so he would never be relevant for me. Or likely anyone for that matter.






I wish I could use Ochre to roast my marshmallows… sigh… now he’s guarding my den.

Wasted tokens on Durga and Ochre. :weary::cry: but :poop: happens, life goes on.


That’s not very nice.