Ochre how to breed

How do we breed Ochre ?

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Tap on Breeding Castle > scroll to orange tier & tap Ochre > Go to Crossbreeding (or from the event panel if your castle is upgrading)

If no pairs show up for you, the one that did for me was Amarok x Durga.

Edit: Oh, there’s also a blog post that says Amarok x Durga.

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Yeah Amarok and Durga…how many breeding tokens does this dragon cost?

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Approx. 24k looking at Amarok (also an orange legendary that takes 60 fragments) with four other pairs.

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Amarok and Durga

If it is not showing, restart the game.

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How do you get the evolve stones for him? :thinking:

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team quest. So probably by next season or next week’s final event of the season.

It shows that it has four stars but why does it only goes to plat tier if it is starting from orange tier. It should go to sapphire tier right

Amarok and Durga! I just spent 50,000 tokens trying to breed Durga, a 60 frag dragon. Not kidding 50,000! And even then, had to add 14 mystic frags. All for a dragon who is just a breeder. Not just Ochre, but gold drags too. Depressing, especially when I think of the Much bigger drags with 500 frags and above. Absolutely depressing!

You dont need Durga to breed anything of note…I ended up backbreeding him just for completion.

Are you using a breeding plan??? If not, get on one!!

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I have Durga and Amarok both at breeding level and it tells me I don’t have the correct parents! Ticket opened, will update post in case anyone else has this issue.

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have you tried restarting your device or terminating your War Dragon’s process?

If it is not showing even though you have both at breedable level, then that would mean that it is not syncing with the server and not displaying the egg properly.

Tried restarting app to no avail, but a fresh reinstall worked like a charm - issue resolved!

Sorry if this has been answered but if so I couldn’t find it. Will we be able to collect the Ochre evolve stones without having Ochre first? For example if over the next 3 events I collect the green, gold, platinum stones from team rewards, then breed Ochre will I be able to take him to platinum or am I either a) stuck with an orange dragon if the stones are removed from rewards or b) having to re-collect the evolve stones if they are not removed from team rewards?

Hope that made sense, thanks in advance.

I’d hope so O.o pinging to check -

@Arelyna Can Ochre’s evolution stones be collected without first having Ochre?

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I’d like an answer to that too :laughing:

I have the same issue


Have you tried to delete and reinstall the app? Worked for me…


Was it only breedable during the event? Thought that was what made it special!!!

ive submitted a ticket and 3 responses later they finally told be it was during event only… wish i wouldve known before getting the waste of space durga :confused:

… btw it was never said it was event only

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