Ochre identity crisis?

Wannabe Ember -

I would ping PGCrisis but maybe that’d be mean :see_no_evil:


He look like Ember in first stage? :sweat_smile: I thought he would be kinda earthy or orange-brown Dragon…

:joy: Ochre has front legs and isn’t a wyvern, though. I’m guessing they’ll both get an intense orange, as they share the same color theme starting out.

Cropped a teammate’s screenshot:

Final form(?) screenshot here: (onebox died on me.)

The picture of the event doesn’t show “front legs” lol
Only wyvern limbs in the number of four, not six… Definitely weird.

Yeah, hence identity crisis and wanting to be Ember :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pssst, let’s reuse that ol’ picture we made for Ember!

Oh yeah good idea, they won’t even notice the difference!

Well @forScience did, too bad :grin::joy:


Ochre is still confused (still using Ember’s image) - same image but with “Team achievements have arrived” :stuck_out_tongue:


Name change! Team Quests have been renamed to Team Achievements. We’ll update the blog and Forums post to match :slight_smile:

That’s still Ember’s image, not Ochre. Ochre has four limbs and two wings, Ember is technically a wyvern… :sweat_smile:

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