Ochre the Cinderhoned Warrior?


New Legendary Orange warrior is now showing up, looks like Ember 2.0 to me. Anybody have the scoop?


Yes I see it too - irrelevant for me now but I suspect it is a new dragon they will introduce next event to keep the newbies distracted from the main purpose of breeding - to get the best dragon you can for the least amount of tokens you can. I would advise anyone who reads this to ignore this and stick to your breeding plan.


Haha yep, is it sat in Orange to be evolved to platinum strength? I can’t never resist a cheap dragon lol, but can’t find how to collect the evolve stones :thinking:. Anyone worked it out?


Other threads on it :stuck_out_tongue: - and boxes keep not rendering in the final post… oh well


23.5k tokens for ochre


Why would you even bother…waste of tokens


Well.i was trying to help my team get quest rewards, now it’s just another reason for an support ticket


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