Odd way of looking at it


I find it a bit odd that that I watch the forums more than I play at some points


I actually find this perfectly natural :rofl::rofl::rofl: (I’m on the forums a LOT… and not just because I’m a mod… I was on them a lot before I became a mod :sweat_smile:)

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I have managed to let alot from here not all of it good but still


My favorite part is when y’all start talking about the different game mechanics and how they apply


I have forums on my pc,so… while working easier to sneak in here than in game


Still a lot better than doing war / event run + reading through forum + checking LINE at one time :roll_eyes: :joy:


I just use web browser for forums but play on different phone


Pardon me please, separate phone for line, too.


I got my LINE installed in laptop + Phone (same account).
Therefore, I can do those :sunglasses:


Before I forget to ask how do you bookmark post so I can go back and ask more of a specific question on something
i have Android phone


Sorry y’all got to playing with buttons to what did what


I’m on forums a lot more as well, although I don’t post much. I prefer to stalk.
Edit: Grammer

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This is the link to the post

This is the link to the thread (esentially the link of the first post):


Thank you for your help