Odin has sent a crow and has blesses us for battle

Odin has sent a crow and has blessed us for battle

LFM – G3OdinsOmen6


Language: any, but english preferred
Time Zone: any
Played time: any. Beginner to veteran
Age Range: 16 and up
Elite Account?: not required, but obviously extremely helpful

About: looking for active and adamant players to come and join OdinsOmen. Teams don’t fill up with new players like they used to so I am making a post here. Looking for alts, newbs, veterans, anyone who will not miss quests, events, or wars. Let’s pillage the WD world.

Odin blessing your doesn’t matter, what Is important, is Ruru blessing you for battle
And he does bless your voyage into higher leagues, and abolishing other teams

Come on over my dude. I can’t change the name to RuRusBlessing though

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:eyes: Can ask himself as he’s in this forum.


If I leave my team it will either to be an officer, or join a saph team

Odin blessing you for now. Later Odin waetcher you.