[Off-Topic] What's everyone's Holiday Plans?

It’s Friday evening before Christmas weekend, and all through the PG offices, not a creature was stirring…okay maybe a few workaholics.

Anyone doing anything fun for the Holidays?

War Dragons

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The best and simplest thing of all


Holiday to Vietnam with the fam :grin:

What about you @PGEggToken ?

Literally nothing. I’ll probably dress up my dogs and take more holiday pictures.


I don’t expect to have a white Christmas here, so most likely it will be spent inside, with my dragons, narcoleptic boyfriend and the food I cook. (Basically it’s the same as any given day)

Probably playing video games, finished wrapping presents early today. Tomorrow is baking cookies and such, last minute grocery shopping. :joy:

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Domination in atlas perhaps :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:. Maybe gonna conquer half the world by myself when everyone is stuffed with turkey and ham :joy:

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Went crabbing with my brother and a few friends. Caught a couple rock crab, cooked 'em and ate 'em. Then visited the family for Christmas.

@ShadowsOfBirds That is the cutest doggo. :dog:


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