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I just noticed that when I click on buffs for Astrid, it doesn’t have my dark flak tower resist applied. I originally had her bonded with an ice dragon, so I thought maybe it was because it wasn’t one of her elements so I bonded her with a fire dragon. It showed that the buff wasn’t applied to my fire dragon either. Confused.


The buff resist only works on dragons that naturally have the dark flak resist as part of their spell kits. Or if they have adaptive flak resist and currently have the dark flak varient of the resist active. Astrid’s ability will not grant dark flak resist to a dragon that doesn’t already have that resist.


Adaptive resist works too…

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I did say that… (Check out the second sentence again :slight_smile: although the “flak” in adaptive flak resist is probably what threw you… I couldn’t remember the exact spell name… it’s late here :see_no_evil: )


Thanks. That makes sense.


You’re welcome :hugs:


Also an FYI, Dragon riders don’t have any elements, you can put them on any element dragons. Only the gears do.


Mmm. As far as I know it doesnt work for adaptive. We would need a more formal answer on this, but my understanding is that it does not.

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:thinking: Isn’t “adaptive” change the active spell into the others?

Both have it. :grin:


no im pretty sure it works like spellsteal - the spells stolen dont benefit from runes etc.


Well both stolen spells and resists have officially been said to work and not work, but I’ve not seen any solid evidence to suggest they for sure do work.

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It was awhile ago but I remember pg saying the resists and what not do not have any impact on adaptive

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Hmmm, that is interesting. It would be nice to get a formal answer from one of the PG employees in that particular area. I always thought it did work with adaptive resist, but only if the appropriate resist was currently active.


Spells from spell steal work, like invince shield benefits from invince duration runes, etc

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Is havok only supposed to be 50%?

Snow blind is 115%(with item boost) and Havok is only 50%


Not even going to try to make sense of jumble on your pic.

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Ok so what is snow blind, where is the information on that? Didnt have to even look at pic btw it was only to show my work.

So apparently havoc cant be stacked with another buff and only the greatest total or amount will apply? Shed some light on this for me Forum Monitor sir

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Interesting… thank you 4Sci <3

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