Offensive name or not?

I was trying to name one of my alts and came across a cool name I wanted to use “ HellWolf “ and upon entering it was told the system had banned that name due to use of offensive words, however I recently came across a name far more offensive then that one “slutbag” and wondered to myself why my name wasn’t allowed but that was.


Just do HeIIwolf (Heiiwolf) :woman_shrugging:t2:
Technically slutbag isn’t swearing I guess

Hellwolf says is offensive? Lol?

Suppose it depends on degrees of sensitivity. I for one would not want to have many beers with a hellwolf, things could get our of hand. Many beers with a slutbag…different story.


lol I know slutbag, she would probably like a beer with ya too

Hey, my grandma was eaten by a wolf! It’s sensitive for some!


Is slutbag spelled with an i though?

You could always try and see if Di1doBaggins is available?


no idea
but I can check :wink:
edit: yeah it was spelled with an i

It’s the word hell thats offensive not wolf.


No shit sherlock :joy:


slitbag? slutbig?


siutbag lol

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Sadly it is indeed spelled with an i so it’s siutbag

Regardless I don’t see how hell is that offensive, if people want to curse they are going to find a way to be creative to do it.

It’s a shame you were force to change name. And also that there are 11 more alpha AlphaWolves than yourself.

Maybe you should change again to MuWolf

Actually there aren’t 11 more, just one that I know of. The 12 has a small amount of meaning for me so I used it, been using 12 at the end of my names for years.

Does that mean half of all atlas teams would get banned or suspended for their castle names or only the teams who arnt P2P. :grimacing:
Only say it cus my wife has been suspended 2x for her IGN.

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Honestly speaking I would simply prefer if the offensive words list was revised or removed since it’s not stopping anyone from swearing or being hateful. Only thing it’s really doing is making people get creative with numbers to replace words. Besides I wouldn’t know anything about atlas, only the select few that are high enough to be on the list know anything about it. I’m not high enough to even make it on the waiting list.

Hey, I already said sorry a million times. I was just having a bad day. :wolf:


When digging through game files one day, I came across the list of words that were banned. It’s actually quite hilarious some of the things in there. There were also many I had to look up the definition to. I learned some things I cannot unlearn.