Offensive name?

Hey dragon community, I’m a male dancer and wanted to use the name TwinkleToes on one of my mini accounts but was told because it contains “Twink” it’s offensive and I can’t use it. Am I insensitive to not agree with this or is PG trying to go a little to PC?

  • TwinkleToes is offensive and as such you shouldn’t be allowed to use it.
  • PG has gone too PC (politically correct)

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Twinkletoes is a shoe company. Unless you get sued for that then I guess you’d be fine in my opinion. If a shoe company can be called that then i don’t know why an alt can’t.

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I wanted to be called OhDeerImQueer but queer is obscene :expressionless:

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There are some names I’ve seen that are a lot more offensive than that. I hadn’t even realized that “twink” was considered offensive until I googled it :flushed: Though the word “twinkle” doesn’t seem offensive at all :expressionless:

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Twinkle twinkle little star … the kids are saying bad bad things :hushed:


I actually hit the wrong one in the poll… Damn.

Edit: Fixed lol

You could do TwinkIeToes (twinkietoes)


I couldn’t use WilliamWallace as a username. Apparently there is a rude word in there somewhere.

Can anyone see it ? As I can’t.

The “offensive” part is the first 5 letters so changing anything after it didn’t help. Thanks for the suggestion tho.

I don’t understand how you can’t see it. Alla is highly offensive (big sarcasm voice)

Were you told this by an agent or an automated system? Word-restrictions tend to be super broad and encompass things they shouldn’t. I’ve seen games where you couldn’t have the word “grape” in your name due to word restrictions.

If it was an agent telling you the name was bad, let me know and I’ll go talk to them. If it was an automated system telling you that it’s going to be a lot harder for me to fix.


It’s on the banned word list… So, I’m going to say “automated system,” but that’s just a guess.

Unless the language restrictions do not apply to names?

Well hello Jared, I was planning on getting a greater support before bringing you into it but you’ve foiled those plans lol.
It was both. The automated system blocked me, so I messaged support and was told it’s offensive for “twink” being contained in it. If you could look into this that would be awesome! And I’m calling dibs on the name once it’s unlocked :cowboy_hat_face:
Also if you wanted to look into WilliamWallace, That would be grand.

Blockquote[quote=“AncientIllyria, post:8, topic:39322”]
I couldn’t use WilliamWallace as a username. Apparently there is a rude word in there somewhere.

Twinkie is banned as well. :slight_smile:

Sure. I can ask for a review of the banned words list, but that’s going to take a fair amount of time. It’s not a super high priority and we still want to make sure players aren’t using it to throw out “twink” jokes left and right.

Some folks are pretty immature when it comes to names.


Well thanks for your willingness to look into it.

I have noticed the obscene steps people will take but I feel like I’m not all that sheltered and until support told me otherwise I didn’t even know Twink was a word. It’s not even a bad word, beside not being gay, I’d totally be cool being called a twink. The definition of the word is positive, unless you know you don’t like being called attractive, which I do understand is not allowed when talking about y’all.

But thanks again for looking into it.

Try tw1nkletoes


As someone already said Wallace is banned due to the embedded “alla” – Wallace is a rather common last name… That seems a little extreme. But word blocklists are “dumb.” They are super efficient, and execute the rules the same for everyone, but they are not good at context.

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or TinkleToes :smiley:

I don’t get it … maybe i’m naive … but what’s wrong with alla ?

and what about those poor people that live in Scunthorpe UK … will they never be able to name themselves after their home town ? :smiley:

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