Offensive name?


Although why “alla” is banned and “God” and “Lord” are not (neither is “Jehovah” or “Yahweh”). :man_shrugging:

Like I said… Word filters are very efficient, but they do exactly what they are told.


The word filter in WD uses a simple pattern matching mechanism that matches all substrings. It includes such puzzling entries as:

goatse (commitment to protecting users from the 1990s Internet is impressive)
slav (game not doing well in Eastern Europe?)
sultry women (this word is locked up, yet other Victorian euphemisms like “sporting lady” run free)

e: there are also some odd ones like “flange” and “shim” that made me wonder if in some past, the game was invaded in the past by a gang of foul-mouthed carpenters, but a minute or so on UrbanDictionary clarified the intent there.


chin – possible racial slur

chronic – type of cannabis

The others have me puzzled. I’m sure Google may be helpful. Sultry is a normal English word… I have no idea.


There’s a lot of culture behind that word to unpack which maybe this forum isn’t the best place to do that. Suffice to say it’s not a word we want people bandying about on the forum.

I haven’t been able to use my own last name in most online services forever.

I wish someone had gone back and protected me from that.

Yeah. It seems there’s a whole crowd of people who just really want to ruin perfectly normal words.


Twinkle and twink are far from the same thing. C’mon.

I hope it works out… sounds like a perfectly fun name to me!


A friend explained why teabag could be considered offensive the other day. Proof that some males never do grow up. :roll_eyes:


There’s just too many connotations for anything anymore. If the age requirement is 13+ I’d expect to deal with some potty mouth behavior… as long as it isn’t discriminatory in nature.


We could just say all names are offensive and do strings of numbers instead :laughing: that wouldn’t offend anyone, right? /sarcasm


Yeah, don’t put queer in your name. Queer means:Originally pejorative for gay, now being reclaimed by some gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered persons as self-affirming. Got this off the dictionary


My gay sister calls herself queer all the time. Too subjective. Some things are offensive, but trying to be too sensitive can be offensive too.


Your “original” definition does not go very far back in English language history…:man_shrugging:

I see the point. Don’t want to have names that could be offensive… People still do, but it’s hard to police everything without locking out virtually every single possible letter combination that is more than three letters.


ahahahah … saw goatse mentioned, googled goatse … looked like this: …download%20(3)


Sounds so cute.


I’d go with “Twink1eToes” 1 and l look the same in WD. no need to make the ‘i’ look like a capital.


I don’t think it’d let you do that variation since the “twink” part of the name is the supposedly offensive bit.


lol but Assholio nics going around and they are fine :roll_eyes:


right… my bad. damn im tired today. damn you daylight savings!


There should be an off-topic thread on the oddball names out there. Some of the War Dragons names are brilliant.


I was shocked that my current name wasn’t automatically blocked by the filter, and even more shocked to see that it wasn’t taken. All these obscure words, did they forget ‘hell’?
Oh no. I really like my name, please don’t ban me lol


Twinkie is bad but I have to live with tits n beer as a teammate :neutral_face: