Offensive name?


I know I can rest easy, with offensive words like twinkie and Twinkle safely on the block list.


I see the problem… I wont be using “Blinger” in my name it seems.


Some people would consider this an upgrade


I’m shocked that the middle one ends with 66. To make it even more offensive, it should have ended with 69 instead.


What confuses me is why Wallace is blocked but Michael is allowed.

Clearly, the embedded message “Leach Mi” was missed by the filters. :man_shrugging:


Oh… THAT one.

I’m pretty sure if that were offensive. It would be blocked.


Obviously there has been some sort of gross oversite on the part of whoever assembled the “offensive words list”. I’ve often heard that when you are comparing the badness of two different words and you won’t even say one of the words, that that is the worse word.


That’s…amazing that the name got through. Well, gotta go pan-shopping real quick.


I see you’re a fellow John Mulaney fan.


Yep :blush: I love the Salt & Pepper dinner skit :rofl::rofl::rofl:



I didn’t go looking. It just showed up in matchmaking.