Offensive rider on dragon perch

Does successful defense on rusher will contribute glory to offensive rider associated with dragon on perch? does glory credit on offensive rider (say vanquisher) work in same way like defender rider?

P.S: I know that glory can be earned through attack.

You’ll get glory on Atlas riders on your perch when being attacked (doesn’t have to be successful defense) regardless of type, just that Conq/Vanq/War won’t have boosts like the construction reduction time.


Yes you can!

Keep in mind that the total Glory earned is divided between how many riders you have on your perches, so 2x riders each will get 50% of the glory. Even if it is a seasonal rider, it will waste half of the glory earned so make sure to select your riders appropriately.


I didn’t know that either until now. Thanks for the information! :joy:

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