🀝 Offering An Opportunity for a non Atlas team to join us

Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – Gold1/Plat
Offering an opportunity for a non atlas team to take partnership of one of our family teams

We are a small group or related teams that have taken part of some various internal merges. As a result an opportunity exists for an active non atlas team to merge into us and share a future within our family.

What we want is a team that wants to learn atlas and use it daily as well as continue with reliable and consistent activity in all other events and wars. Potential applicants must declare any former or current related allied relationships/friendships/agreements with other teams.

What we don’t want is a team being absorbed into our family that only wants atlas because everyone else does, is probably not that active or just wants to take over a team for free stuff and have nothing to do with us ever again. I understand the dream and wants but unfortunately that is not we have available to offer.

To express interest/apply or find out any other special conditions please message me and send info about your team history/activity and intentions ASAP as we would like to progress a suitable team soon

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Still looking for the right non atlas team to join us.
Needs to be reliable in communication and participation

Offering 3 officer positions and support from our other teams

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