Official Discussion Thread: Archmage Towers

Check out the information around our new Archmage Towers here, and prepare to clear out some base space for these beefier favorites: Introducing the new Archmage Towers

What do you think of the new Archmage Towers?

  • I’m ready to throw a Mager Rager! (positive)
  • Too early to tell (neutral)
  • Arch you glad I didn’t say orange again? (negative)

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“Skill tree” doesn’t belong there?

“What is the range of the Cosmic Orrery Tower’s Supershot attacks?”

An issue is that the mages were the last lumber tower (if not using lightning). If changing over to archmages, there is nothing left to merge or transform into, since there is very bad value to tranform from a lumber tower to a non-lumber tower.


Really? :man_facepalming:

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I’m not excited for upgraded mages that use premium currency. Was really hoping for a cool new tower but nope, this is not it.


Also… did you honestly believe the player base would be into this? :thinking:


" How many Archmage Towers can I build?

You can build as many as you want."

No, original mages had a limit of 5 (red or blue). Arch mages have a limit of 8. That’s a lot, but not unlimited.


Okay, I’m trying here…


  1. You can now build more mage towers for even more rage drain.
  2. Higher hp mage towers are helpful.
  3. These are good to build up for Fort event points.

Thing is though I don’t want to build any. Will just wait until towers can be merged/transformed into archmages. They’ll absolutely be something I want to have, I just think this is…underwhelming.


… I hope I’m not the only one that feels a bit peeved by this, although I half expected it. This is the bridge between red/blue mages and white mages. I firmly believe the lightning tower will be the next tower to be obsoleted.


This is the lamest new tower ever…

So besides having more HP it’s pretty much the same as regular mages? whoopdidoo


That’s great there will be enough electrum bars for 3…… but naturally not the timers to go with them right?
I mean come on. Orrey isn’t event transformable yet. :woman_facepalming:


If they really have wings that big that may be one of the biggest reasons to get one, block the targets behind them :flushed:


Same range

I don’t understand the Skill Tree. What is, this tower work like a Rider or what?

All I will insert here (with no internal negative thoughts) is that it is a good thing there are extra Electrum Bars in the branch; enough to suffice for three Archmages. That should greatly accommodate those with current insufficiencies due to having built and leveled the other Electrum-centric towers. That is beneficial to many.


Warning - conjecture ahead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Current Tower Creep:
Storm → Earth Flak → Orrery
Trebuchet → Dark Flak
Cannon → Ice Flak
Archer → Electro Flak/any high damage tower
Ice Turret → Earth Flak → Orrerry
Fire Turret → Drakul Pylon
Regular mage → Archmage

What’s Next?
I sense white mages and cosmic lightnings coming up lol.


That’s an error. We’ll have that cleaned up in a second.
Ignore the skill tree.



Hey all, there seems to be some questions around Design Intent - so we added this bit to the announcement post, but I’ll also post it here for ease:

Design Intent

We wanted to give players a way to build cool new towers without having to justify removing an existing tower to make room for it.

The new Archmage Towers allow players to get an awesome new upgrade to the most commonly used defense towers in the game. The Archmage towers are sturdier versions of the Red and Blue mage towers, with a more threatening supershot ability.

Archmage supershots have added damage in addition to all of the effects of the Red and Blue mage supershots, this should turn some slim losses to wins when defending your base against enemy Dragon Lords.

In order to make the transition over to the newer towers more convenient, for the first time ever existing research applies to these electrum towers. All upgrades to buildings or Red and Blue mage towers will be applied to their respective Archmage counterparts.

In the future, we plan to release runes to power up the Archmages even further and make the experience of flying against these towers even more unique.

  • Also I deleted the “Skill Tree” - I made a copy/paste error.

White Mages will never be a thing, unless new color spell.
And honestly I like the various upgrades :slight_smile: and already like this Mage

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It was said that there would be never be resurrection dragons either…