Official Discussion Thread: Archmage Towers

I think that will be a bad strategy.

I have hit a few bases with 16 L1 arch mages in front and honestly I just soak all the super shots on first long island.

By the time I do the next small island im back to sufficient rage and all the dangerous towers can’t do a thing to me because the L1 towers wasted all of the SS.


Yep as of today if you’re using a rider with mage boost, or red/blue mage runes or glyphs chances are your mage has more hp than the new archmage towers.

I haven’t done the math yet, but it’s close at least.

They also allow you to hit over them, so in a long Island it may be counterintuitive defensively lol.

A mage does have a shield and do supershots. Runes and Riders abilities apply to htem. The little archmate just have a drain supershot which may…be fires. So it’'s size is obvious.

Hey forum gurus! Anyone mind linking me to the place where it states the prizes in the tower line?


Disappointing to see that the very rider you got and leveled by spending time, effort, red shards, glory, is not cool any more. Come on, it is just two months old… now, even old old kasima, or whatever his name was, may be better than the latest defensive atlas rider. As Ryva boosts only hp for mages, it is just FAIR to include archmages as well.


Only really works went the base isn’t defended, also really slows you down in an attack, meaning isn’t much of a good idea to soak the supers in atlas


Ryva isn’t only good for mages.

Did people really get Ryva for mage boost? I personally got Ryva for lightening.

I like the archmage idea but I think that it shouldn’t be a new tower, just another upgrade to the existing mages. Like at lower levels, the mages change their looks, slowly gaining more of the wings around the skull. Maybe at a higher level the mages can change looks to be like the archmage and they also get a damage buff. Wish it didn’t use electrum bars though.


Seems crom is really the best overall choice. At least the safest…


I did… for lightning too but mostly red mage.

Additionally, I have to say the changed to the branch prizes is a real bust. Changing embers to pearls? Seriously?

What changes? The branch is identical to last season’s.


After the archmages, only towers that people still build on their bases with good old lumber is ligntning. I think they will be the next ones to become obsolete. Incoming slightly buffed version of lightning with a cooler name to be built with electrum bars.

Ofcourse these towers wont be a massive upgrade that you’d feel the upgrade is worth the costs but it will be just enough power added to make your base inferior if you didn’t upgrade.

Wait for it. Another option is the mega lighting, that uses Vibranium bars to build, but every five levels you need some Glyphtonium cubes.


You can easier to hide them behind something like a howi and they’re practically untargetable

Cosmic charges were added….
This was the statement given as to why we needed yet another currency but here we have new improved mages that don’t seem to require them !?

"While we understand that an additional currency can be frustrating and adds complexity, we’ve found it to be a necessary bit of architecture that supports future features."

I’m curious what future feature it supports !? Because it doesn’t seem to be new towers ……


Future features don’t mean next lol

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Or ever……. For that matter……