Official Discussion Thread: Atlas Castle Management Redesign

Hey all, we look forward to hearing what you think on the upcoming redesign! Make sure you’ve read the official Announcement thread first.

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Interesting changes…

When you start working on this section, can you make it so leadership can put castles in a perferred order please? That would be very helpful :relaxed:


Does this change will make the menus load fast because thats what bothers me most in castle management


Does this mean that I can rotate passage without hitting the one magic pixel to remove a team from passage?!? That update alone would be amazing!


I was just wondering , why is the portal are there still haha could of cut off that part in the redesign


Sooo they kept portals, is this switch getting turned back on :eyes:


It would be very convenient if castles with enemies dynamically sorted to the top.


If on top of design this change also fixes the loading issues then it’s all around gold

It would also be a tremendous help, if you could actually see all castles in one view. Who cares, which region they are in?
Not having to toggle flyout Menüs would be awesome…


I’m sure there are a list of additional suggestions, but honestly, I just want to say THANK YOU for making it easier /less frustrating to set passage. Stabbing repeatedly at tiny fonts trying to luck into the right spot was…. Not engaging. :grinning:


Two bankers is a step in the right direction. It would be nice if we could actually have an arbitrary number for all roles, including governors.

Thats a great change thx @PGTimber, but while u are at it could u plz improve that atlas chest collect? I am done with the season and i Can only collect atlas chests, and it’s really pain in the ars that every time i collect 10 atlas chests from the last Line in mythic gear it Force my to restart my game and then i am back where i start, it only works when i collect 5 chests ever 1 min and that takes alote of time :pleading_face: last time i had 3800 atlas Strange lands chests and it toke me 40 min to get 390 atlas chests


Or at least have an expand all button :ok_hand:


Does this fix the cached bank issue?

Very nice updates, will make navigating castles easier for sure!
Thank you!

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…And if the list could include the castles from the whole 5TA without extra time to go through that drop-down list.

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@PGTimber these changes didn’t seem to go “live” after updating to 6.50. I assume this is something that gets switched on in the back end? Do you know what the ETA is on the changes?

@PGTimber is there a time frame this is expected to be seen by all players?
On my team 1/3 see the new menus and the rest of us dont. Some have updated to 6.5 and some have not. Android and Apple users…all the same.

We’re hoping that all players will be able to see this within the next 6 hours.


The good:

  • Buttons to remove teams from passage are now usable
  • 2 bankers

The bad:

  • It’s way more cluttered. Why have the bonuses on every tab?

Can’t help thinking, why bother changing it?