Official Discussion Thread: Atlas Frozen Chaos Season


What are your thoughts on the icy winds of the Frozen Chaos making their way into Atlas?


New exotic gear is terrible and should be burned, you should also think about changing the elite branches to mythic gear cause elite ain’t going to do us any good in the current meta. It might help me but how do you think all these other players handle defended bases?


I’ll take the exotic gear she doesn’t want :joy::laughing:


Any word on the updated Tanok tree?

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Now I get why Gal dipped. He didn’t wanna deal
with what he knew we’d all be complaining about! :rofl:

Don’t like any of these changes.

Granny Amelia Earhart doesn’t interest me in the slightest. (Especially coming off already having old lady Jane for season leaderboards.)

Exotic gear was a catfish this season.

Tanok can go to 60 now but what other benefits do those 10 levels yield? (EDIT: why wasn’t it added to the official post?)

It’s already a grind to make mythic gear when atlas is stale as an opened bag of chips forgotten in the cupboard.

Fail. 0/10; would not recommend.


It’s crap.


This all is just like in the regular game another price and time increase to play this game.

Just ridiculous and not fun anymore.

PG trying to earn some more last $$$ in their last hours.

Sad… as it is a special game.


It truly is ridiculous. Putting the exotics behind the elites does make sense but it is too grindy. I came back because they had the exotic branch open and that was nice. Now, with the prim boost branch increased, it makes this game more grindy and less fun.


Did PG actually think about how dumb making a Seasonal rider line Tanok into an Atlas exclusive rider is?

Regular seasons no longer have a defensive rider for newer players to get. Now you’ve taken an old seasonal rider that was originally available to everyone and made him an atlas exclusive rider. Atlas already has several good defensive riders, why the hell was Tanok added to atlas as a champion rider nstead of to the normal game season as one?
Does PG not realize that other than Sola, the last normal season defensive rider we had with a construction skill was Leilani?

As for the rest

  • Increasing Prime buff costs was really stupid and completely unjustified.
  • When Exotic gear was introduced (and long before that) people were worried that it would just add to the power creep and further the gap between the haves and have nots. When we first got it it was cheap and much easier to get than mythic gear so it seemed like it would function as a catch up for those without mythic gear. Now instead it has become premium gear and the 2 new pieces are effects that will be way more impactful than the first two pieces were. There’s the power creep we were worried about

Will the new levels on Tanok require glory in addition to his rider shards or is it still just the rider shards?

How will the effects of the Defensive Exotic helm work once we have multiple on perches? Will each one give 2 extra super shots since it isn’t a perch exclusive skill?

Edit: Also @PGTimber why was this topic moved out of discussion and into the atlas topic?


Sürücü hariç çok güzel

Did they increase the prime buff cost? Normally it’s like 440 chests but now looks like it’s about 610?


Now every time I lose 10k troops by a big player hitting down and I am getting 1k glory I will see my chances of gear going away.

I pay for atlas elite to help me grind through to get a rider and work towards mythic gear. This feels like a slap in the face. I am already burning diamonds like crazy trying to keep up with prim upgrades that take ungodly amounts of time to level. Burn diamonds to revive troops to keep grinding for glory. Now that still won’t be enough. Maybe in several years when I reach the level of gold prims and all the atlas riders I need to stay competitive I can be blessed with the ability to get the exotic. Or I can buy it. :roll_eyes:


Even more work we have to do. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

The only benefit I see is diamonds are much better in terms of skill branch reset costs but most defense riders have junk and the good stuff; and people go for the good stuff and bypass as much of the junk as possible.

It’s not like there’s tons of movement to defense stats anyway (like there is with offensive riders made for specific dragon types). So, ultimately-- just more work for us.

We’ve lost the symbiosis, PG. I no longer wanna scratch your back, cause my back’s not getting scratched in return. :expressionless:

And like, Tanok’s all loin clothing in winter? We couldn’t have given him a cool new winter portrait? Or SOMETHING?


Time to boycott this Atlas season.

Just build troops and nothing else lol


2nd loincloth naked dude this winter. The theme of frozen chaos is global warming. Not-So-Frozen + Chaos


Lol. Or don’t do anything at all.

Here have some exotic gear (increases cost of mythic gear).

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Going to be a fun season to watch. Glad I’m saving.


Atlas is burning


No no too both those comments in the meme :joy::joy: they should release the “we’re sorry package” where there is a lot of goodies and it’s in large quantities and amounts