Official Discussion Thread: Atlas Unearthed Season

pretty soon these exotic gear will be meta.

Well, as a defender that rng certainly sucks, but if you rely on that rng as a flier then you wont become a god suddenly. Sure some dragons will use that reduction to destroy whole long islands, but its not the end of the world…its 5% after all

Adding rng is not a good thing though, so I hope this doesnt become a regular theme (maybe in spells lol)

“Offensive Helm of Invigoration grants 5% chance to reset spell cooldowns when a tower is destroyed at max level.”

…huh?.. so. This means it’s only for endgamers then?

Not that I like that thing.
It’s …weird…
Like, what were PGs thoughts behind it?

  • Endgamers need help for their max dragons to go vs. max bases?
  • Lower levels won’t bother anyways to go for exotic gear?
  • Maybe it gives lower levels an incentive to level faster, so they could make use of that helm?


5% at lvl 10. at level 1 it may be 0.5% :man_shrugging: just like other’s stats increased


Thanks Tami - awesome graphic!

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The comment about “max level” is not referring to tower level

It refers to the level of the gear. The wording is not exactly clear, but they use the same thing for the other pieces as well. Example the sorcerer gloves aren’t referring to a maxed level sorcerer :relaxed:

Now he is better that default defender rider

Can there be 1 day added to the end of the season to claim your prizes?

The normal game event ends on a Monday, yet you can claim prizes till Tuesday. Can we have something like this instead of the screen that says “Atlas Coming Soon”


Just a heads up we added a small update to gear on the official Atlas Season post: Unearthed Season Comes To Atlas

Great, now instead of having a useful piece of gear I have a shard dump for the gear event

You very well know people were bitching over this😜

I assume this is for the exotic helm - if so would you update the percentage in the main text as well? It still reads as “5% chance”

so fast! ha - was editing as we speak

So we have 3 useless pieces of exotic gear and 1 piece that benefits hunters. I see basically no point in getting these unless I need something to level for a gear event.

How about instead just offer us the option to claim the shield and sword pieces?
Also while you’re adjusting gear how about increasing the sorcerer and warrior breath speeds from the gloves to an amount that would actually be noticeable.


Hey guys, I’ve joined back into the game after taking a few years off. Quick question with Bjorn. I already have the rider fully maxed out from when he was available so what does that mean for me? And then with the prospero coming back, does he come back at a discount? And if u already have those branches do u get to start halfway through?

For Bjorn, he is now a champion rider so he goes up to lv 60 (previously capped at 50) and you need gold atlas champion shards in order to level him from 50 to 60 (you do not use bjorn shards to level him after lv 50). Those are obtained from the atlas champion rider line

For Prospero, no, he’s not discounted and you start at the beginning of the line no matter what. Any previous stones you had gotten will be replaced in the resurrection dragon line with something else. So for example his egg gets replaced by a few platinum chests. The first stone you see will be the tier after wherever you stopped with him before.

Run, dont stop to chat or look around. It’s too late for us but you managed to escape. Just RUUUUUUN!!!


no discount but if you have prospero evolution stones there are conditional prizes
and you don’t start halfway through the branch - it’s similar to other resurrection dragon events


You’ll still have to do the regular rider line before the champion rider line, so just make sure to claim blue shards or gold packs if you already have bjorn to level 50

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Atlas Season is now live!

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So there’s atlas champion rider line and normal? Sorry when I left there was like 3 lines and now there’s 20 so I’m really confused. And there’s like red, blue and gold shards? Where u get those.
Then been doing some more reading, what’s assault and what does it have to do with research? Suddenly research is important?
Nice to see feeding is gone and breeding is easier.
I quit after my baby Surt got nerfed 1000x haha and I’ll be quitting again at end of summer just wanted to spend everything I saved up.